Deborah Munch-Aberg

  • NY License #: 006105
  • NC License #: 001921
  • 9

You have "Golden Hands"..

• I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, National Board Certified Massage and Bodywork therapist & Owner of a massage business,"Spa To You" in North Carolina, 20 yrs, & New York, 28 yrs. Hold a NCBMTB, 28 yrs.
I have Organizational skills, Business management, Teamwork skills, Interpersonal communication skills, People management, Resourceful, Reliable, Responsible, Determination, Creativity, Multi-tasker, Patient, and Ethical.

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NY # 006105


NC # 001921


# 005718-00


New York College of Wholistic Health and research

Associates in Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy


The New Center for Holistic health and Education

Massage Therapy Degree in Massage Therapy


New York Institute of Technology

Pre-Med in Life Science


American Academy McAllister Institute

Associates in Occupational Studies in Funeral Service


Siena Heights University

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science, minor in Massage Therapy


Licensed Massage Therapist (LMBT)

Assist patients who suffer temporary disability due to trauma of muscular system. Manual soft tissue manipulation to alleviate spasms, tension and/or trigger point formation. Consult and aid patients in stress ans pain reduction, relaxation, and injuries to musculature system. Specialize in European (Swedish) Massage, Oriental (Amma) Therapy, trigger Point Release, and Deep

Licensed Massage Therapist-Sole Proprietor

Massage Therapist - Sole Proprietor, Supervising and managing of the Massage Therapy office. Bookkeeping of the clientele records and files. Assist and aid patients in relief of sports, exercise and traumatic injuries to musculature system. Specializing in Sports, Medical, European (Swedish) Massage and Oriental (Amma) Therapy, Hot Stone

Emergency Medical Technician Specialist

Providing prehospital care and emergency medical transportation to patients within the City of New York 911 system. Operate ambulances and other emergency vehicles as a trained emergency vehicle operator. Record and responsible for patients legal documents and health information in confidentiality. Provide psychological first aid and assist in physical disabilities. Gain confidence and trust within the patient relationship by proper practice of my level of training.

New York Atlantic Funeral Service/McManus-Lorey Funeral Home

Assistant administrator in the funeral home. Assist the Funeral Directors and administrators with families, decedents confidential documentation., Clerical and organizing files and sorting records. Per-Diem pert-time employee. .

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Loretta on Jun 02
Deborah was great! She put me at ease and I felt very comfortable. She is very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist.
by Julie on May 20
AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! I am looking forward to maintaining massage as part of my overall healthcare program. Debbie provided amazing care and knowledge of how to help with my muscle soreness.
by Cindy on May 07
This was my first experience having a therapeutic massage. Deborah was very knowledgeable and explained everything as she went through the massage. I already have my appointment set for next week!
by Irene on Apr 22
Deborah is very skillful and extremely knowledgeable in her craft. I highly recommend her. She has addressed every one of my issues with wonderful results.
by Linda & Michael on Apr 22
Deb does a phenomenal job finding all my problem areas, and yer touch is just what I need! She has an amazing way of rejuvenating my body and making me more flexible and relaxed for weeks after one of her massages! I love that I can also get the best essential oils from her as well! I highly recommend if you are looking for a true massage therapist who know the body, all the muscles, tendons, etc. Spa to You is amazing!
by Bob & Lynn on Apr 19
I would absolutely recommend Deborah Munch-Aberg for Therapeutic Massage, she is excellent. My husband and I feel blessed to know Deborah, the overall experience is amazing.
by Sandra on Jun 25
Very professional ; perfect massage
by Anonymous on Jun 25
The massage I received was one of the best I have ever received. Debra is very masterful in the art of massage therapy. I walked away very relaxed and have booked my next massage.
by Albion and Sandra on Jun 11
Always takes time to give complete massage. Never in a rush and explains many of the procedures being used.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Bodywork & Massage

  • Mobile Massage Party at Host/Client's Home (One Hour Session per participant)
  • Half Hour Medical Massage
  • Half Hour Therapeutic Massage Session
  • One & Half Hour Medical Massage
  • Half Hour Pregnancy Massage Session
  • One Hour Amma Therapy Session
  • One Hour Deep Tissue Massage
  • Mobile One Hour & Half Hour Medical Massage-Outcall
  • Half Hour Swedish Massage
  • Mobile Two Hour Therapeutic Massage Session-Outcall
  • One Hour Hot Healing Stone Therapy Session
  • Mobile One Hour Medical Massage-Outcall
  • Mobile One Hour Swedish or Therapeutic Massage Session Outcall
  • Mobile One & Half Hour Deep Tissue Massage-Outcall
  • Mobile One Hour Deep Tissue Massage-Outcall
  • One Hour and a Half Hot Healing Stone Therapy Session
  • Half Hour Hot Stone Therapy Session
  • One & Half Hour Deep Tissue Massage
  • Half Hour Amma Therapy Session
  • Mobile One Hour and a Half Hour Therapeutic or Swedish Massage Session-Outcall
  • One Hour Medical Massage
  • Mobile Onsite Corporate Massage
  • Mobile Massage Party at Host/Client's Home
  • One Hour and a Half Hour Swedish Massage
  • One Hour and a Half Hour Therapeutic Massage Session
  • One Hour Pregnancy Massage Session
  • One Hour Therapeutic Massage Session
  • One Hour Swedish Massage Therapy Session

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