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I am drawn to Craniosacral Therapy because I have watched over-medicated, undertreated patients become more sick in our society.  I believe in giving the body what it naturally needs to heal itself before resorting to medication and surgery. I network with many holistic healers to provide my clients the best care possible.

When not healing others, I enjoy traveling to new places and relaxing on almost any beach.

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by Tu on Sep 30
Incredible experience, highly recommended!!!
by Anonymous on Aug 26
by Roy on Aug 19
I never expected the results I've received from a craniosacral message. I've had several since and have not been disappointed I recommend anyone who is experiencing discomfort.
by nicole on Jun 04
Ive never went to a energy healer untill I had many health issues .. She has a gift and healing hands for energy work ..I've had woman issues and dealt with it for a long time ...My journey has been long ..This last year I found out I have endometriosis really bad after going in for laparoscopic surgery the only way they can see if you have it ...I do everything as naturally as possible and I couldnt take the pain any longer !!! The Doctor told me I had one of the worse cases she had seen it was like concrete in me instead of small spots like other woman ...Andrea has helped me so much heal after surgery making my body heal the things that are not working right (when chiropractic and massage couldnt)and get back on track to helping my hormones and also healing where all the trauma was and from surgery and she has also helped with me losing weight ... you won't be disappointed ,she has such an amazing personality and understanding for helping me physically, spiritually, and emotionally helping to heal me on so many levels ...Please Try Andera Balance from within.. you will NOT regret it ...its hard to put into words it's something you have to try but so worth it ..shes amazing !!!❤
by Anonymous on May 30
I went from 60 mph to idling in 20 minutes. The rest of the time was pure Bliss. Andrea really knows her stuff. Well worth the time & $$.
by Anonymous on Apr 21
A total different massage from like any other I have had. Andrea is great and very good, kind courteous and goes above and beyond to care for her clients needs.
by charlie on Mar 12
two days later I am still healing and noticing energy shifts. This is so incredibly wonderful. Namaste' dear Andrea.
by Trina on Mar 06
Andrea was wonderful and helped me in such a profound way, I'm grateful for her experience and expertise. I highly recommend her and her services.
by Anonymous on Mar 21
After one time with Andrea, my shoulder pain that was keeping me awake at nights, is gone! Still don't understand how she did it? Not really any pressure applied like a regular massage....which I've done many times without this type of success! She is amazing!♥️ Highly recommend!
by Brenda on Feb 14
I have had pain in my legs and feet for years and have tried many options including cortisone shots which are not fun and they only relieved the pain for about 2 weeks. After meeting with Andrea yesterday - which was a super comfortable and relaxing session- I ached a bit - but this morning I woke up feeling quite energized. My legs feel better than they have in quite some time. I will definitely be doing a follow up visit. thank you Andrea

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