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17 years of happy customers!


Center of Advanced Therapeutics

525 hours


15 years of On Site Massage< Facelift Facial massage and Full Body Therapeutic Massage

I'm currently focused on continuing education related to head and neck issues, lower back issues and sports recovery as well as whole body wellness. Please inquire for more information.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork or Spa services

by Greg on Feb 20
Feel so much better after just 2 visits.
by Jake on Jan 09
The best!!
by Susie on Aug 29
Jennifer is treating me in addition to Chiropractic after an auto accident that really messed up my neck and back. She is incredible at finding the fine line between "Oh it hurts so good" and "OW!". I really feel much better after she works out the sore spots. She is amazing.
by Joyce on Aug 10
A few hours after the massage I realized I was seeing the world from a totally different perspective. I am so grateful. Thank you.
by Chip on Jul 11
Jen is highly skilled, extremely attentive and is excellent at communication during the massage to insure you are comfortable and not wasting time on areas that don't need as much work.
by Anonymous on Jun 22
Didn't like having to remove my shoes in the waiting room -- small thing. But a wonderful massage!
by Mary on Mar 29
Was able to release the tightness of psoas after massaging and relaxing rest of body.
by Nancy on Feb 27
Jennifer was positive and willing to accommodate me after missing an appointment. The massage was very comfortable and pleasing and I felt relaxed and rejuvenated!
by Pamela on Feb 26
Really loved the facelift facial and will return again! Thanks, Jen!
by Juliann on Feb 22
Jennifer saves the day and always knows where the problem areas are located. I treated my boyfriend to a massage and he was amazed at the deep massage. She has been incredibly helpful since my back surgery and helping me to recover.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform

Bodywork & Massage

  • Neuromuscular Massage
  • Chair Massage


  • Other
  • Facial Massage
  • Massage