Tim McGee Community Acupuncture

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Community Acupuncture in Everett, WA.

Community Acupuncture in Everett, WA. $20-$50 sliding fee ($10 first time filing fee).

We are striving to make acupuncture affordable, available, and effective for everyone. 

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WA # AC60522717

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Anonymous on Feb 09
by Shanna on Oct 29
Tim is very good at what he does. He has a desire to help others feel well again and does the most of what he can for them. With a multi-faceted approach, he finds many ways to promote healing.
by Shanna on Oct 29
When I leave, I feel totally relaxed and centered.
by Katie on Oct 29
I HIGHLY recommend him!
by Solaeh on Oct 28
Tim is awesome! Compassionate and to the point!
by Marilyn on Oct 06
When I walked into my appointment, I was dealing with strong pain in my lower back. Within minutes of my treatment it relaxed me and brought me to a almost dreamy state. I left my appointment so relaxed and happy. I think the community acupunture is the way to go!! Very professional and afordable. I will be back soon!!