Dy'Ann Suares

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Dy'Ann Suares

'Circumstances Don't Create Your Reality...Your State Of Being Does!'

I am a Certified Energy Therapist, Transformational Self Healing Practitioner and Coach.

Looking to make a Positive Change?

Are you at a crossroads? Still experiencing life-long struggles and feeling stuck? Want MORE and can't seem to get out of your own way?

My approach is intuitive and  comprehensive, which includes Mind Body Behavior Modification and Transformational Energy Therapy support. .

Guided Facilitation is available for a...


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Transformational Coach
My continuing Education is ongoing. My intuition and listening skills are my own sacred tools for exploring anothers' Mind, Body and Spirit for the underlying causes of imbalances. My personal approach to staying in a Positive Mindset and Presence is Yoga, meditation, quiet time in nature and bodywork for myself. The Path to Transformation is full of excitement and unconditional love for being alive! 'We Are The Master's of the Moment's of our Lives' and once we really get that on the inside...life lesson's are a consistent repetition of yesterday's thoughts! Live from your Heart & Soul and truly experience your Natural Self. I look forward to meeting your Natural Self ...and Being an honored guest as you discover your Blueprint For Happiness!
Professional Experience:
Reiki Trainings through Master Teacher Certification & Instruction (1994-1996) Whole Health Center: Mental Health and Spiritual Training (1996-1998) Instructor Paul Weiss - Mental Health and Spiritual Teacher-Bar Harbor, Maine Quan Yin Magnified Healing Certification (1977) - The learning and practice of this process incorporates all aspects; physical, emotional, mental, ethereal and spiritual, using sacred geometries, breathwork and affirmations. Yoga Teacher Training & Certification (1998) Northampton School of Yoga Transformation Breath Foundation (1998-1999) Certification with Founder Judith Kravitz Spiritual Self Healing Process - Practicum 100+ class room hours Master Alignment Michelle Andersen (1999-2002) Certification - Founder & Author of 'Power of Love'. Energy Mirrors- An Advanced Mind Body Spirit Program Certification with Founder Mary A Lynch M.D. - Practicum: 1000+ classroom hours Study: Practice and Application of Bashar Teachings (1998-Present) 2009-Present Created Self Healing and Self Awakening Program for the purpose of supporting the willingness of an individual to assume responsibility for their well being. This experiential course assists the individual to raise their vibration and make positive changes they prefer through inspiration, growth, freedom and expansion. This facilitated and guided application course is an approach to strengthen Source connection, redefine and enhance awareness from within, and gently assist an inward journey to enhance this refinement process of self-reflection and self-awareness, at the core.

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