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In 2012 I trained for massage therapy with Jonathan Jahant, PAC Tour's long-time leading tour massage therapist. From him I learned specific techniques for working on tired cyclists. I also worked at the spa in Ely where I learned that I much prefer the independence of running my own business. I have worked as team massage therapist for two Race Across America crews as well as transcontinental cycling crossings in 2013 and 2015.

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Team massage therapist for Pacific-Atlantic Cycling Tours

I worked on cyclists attempting to cross the country in 17 days, averaging 165 miles per day. I had to be careful of injuries so that these athletes could get out and ride another day on the road.

Race Across America massage therapist

I have worked twice as massage therapist on crews for cyclists participating in the Race Across America, "the world's toughest bicycle race." About half the time the athlete I was working on was alseep. Most RAAM riders sleep about 90 - 120 minutes per 24-hour cycle, so they have to multi-task.

Accupressure internship

I studied basic accupressure points and massage under the tutelage of Dr. Riabokin of Westside Natural Health.

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