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Our commitment to promoting a stress-free therapeutic environment has extended into  a  partnership  with  the  Hilton Hotel,  Elkhart, IN.   We  have  a  team of therapists which is growing everyday to meet the needs of our varied client base from  injury  rehabilitation  to anxiety/depression therapies, and chronic pain.  We also have an outcall service.  Whatever the situation we want to see you whole!

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REVIEWS for my massage services

by Allen on Oct 20
This massage was very relaxing and was something nice for myself vs. a massage that feels like I got hit by a truck the next day.
by Christy on Oct 19
Very knowledgeable and talkative
by Kena on Oct 14
Massage was relaxing but just ok overall, very cookie cutter, amateur, I had asked her to focus on my back, neck and shoulders but she said she'd still have to do full body cuz everything's connected which I understand but it was my money, my time, my massage, and I think she should've observed my wishes, really needed more deeper work done on my upper body, head and face massage would've been nice at the end as I have TMJ and hold a lot of tension in my jaw. She was very professional and pleasant though.
by Anonymous on Oct 12
Absolutely loved it
by Anonymous on Oct 03
All the information I received
by Iris on Oct 02
Kimberley took time to know me. She shared additional services offered. Prices are very reasonable and worth the commute from South Bend.
by Anonymous on Sep 19
Amazing experience
by Patti on Sep 17
Penny is absolutely fantastic. Explains the process completely in a warm, friendly and professional manner. I'm only half way through the process on the package I purchased but I am feeling some results along with the recommendations that were given to me. Look forward to more services that are provided there.
by Michelle on Sep 15
Amazing! Will definitely be back again.
by Anonymous on Sep 15
I felt that it was very unprofessional! I sat in a room in my bra for no reason and she took away the towels I was covered up in! I didn’t have any questions about what I was doing and she told me that I should have had questions. So why not just go over those things instead of coming off very rude and making me feel like I was an idiot for not needing to ask. I went somewhere else. I definitely wouldn’t recommend!

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