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I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist with the State of Pennsylvania, License #MSG004370. I've been in full time practice since 1997. I'm a former massage instructor. I'm highly trained and specialize in pain relief, increasing your range of motion, improving your posture and getting you back to life. Every session is customized. Some people prefer ...


I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist with the State of Pennsylvania, License #MSG004370. I've been in full time practice since 1997. I'm a former massage instructor. I'm highly trained and specialize in pain relief, increasing your range of motion, improving your posture and getting you back to life. Every session is customized. Some people prefer a relaxing massage and others enjoy the integrated mix of therapeutic massage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology to relieve your symptoms. I also do a postural analysis as well as walking and/or running gait analysis. I do pregnancy massage, am certified in infant massage and infant massage instruction, LaStone Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching.

I practice an integrative therapy session. My clients trust my intuition and enjoy the immense benefits of my integrative bodywork.

I specialize in working with clients who experience pain in their head, neck, back, feet, legs, knees, ankles, pelvis, arms, hands and jaw! Often the culprit is a muscular imbalance brought on by an injury, surgery, scar tissue, poor posture, chronic receptive motion or too much time sitting.

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PA # MSG004370

Certified Health Coach

# NY State Dept. of Education

Certified Body Type Counselor

# The Body Type Institute


# Certified


Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage


Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Health Coach


The Body Type Institute

Body Type Counselor


Advanced Trainings

Advanced Myofascial Therapy


LaStone Therapy, Inc.

Hot/Cold Stone Course


Baby's First Massage Program

Infant Massage & Infant Massage Instructor


International Institute of Reflexology

Phase 1


Elemental Space Clearing ®

Elemental Space Clearing ®



Reiki 1



I've had good success especially with individuals where traditional bodywork is not appropriate such as: cancer patients, people who are sensitive to touch, people healing from surgery, etc.

Pregnancy Massage

I've worked with countless pregnant women over the years to reduce pain and stress relief.

Infant Massage, Teacher & Practitioner

I work with infants both massaging them and teaching their parents and care givers to do an incredible massage which helps with sleeping, settling their upset tummies and relaxing them. It's an incredible experience for all!

Pain Relief

I continue to get people out of pain. Recent accomplishments: client who had chronic headaches and jaw problems tried many different routes, felt 90% better off first treatment and is 99% pain free. Client with plantar fasciitis who tried everything who is 95% better and I continue to work with her to keep her pain free from headaches, sore muscles and muscular contraction. Client with a crush injury to his lower leg, who did everything who is now 90% pain free and able to get back to his life.

Passive Resistive Stretching

Incrementally repositioning either your legs, arms or head to release the major and fine muscles to restore movement and full range of motion


Certified Health Coach

I've worked with hundreds of clients since 2005. I've assisted them in healing their food and body issues, losing weight, improving their relationships, falling in love, creating new jobs, increasing their income and moving ahead in life!


Certified Body Type Counselor

I've helped men, women and children define their Body Types. They've learned their dominant gland, given up dieting and have incorporated the right balance of foods, exercises and habits to health their thyroid, adrenals and pituitary gland. They're lost weight, reduced cravings and feel healthy and vital!


Active Isolated Stretching

I've taught countless clients how to stretch properly and also make stretching a part of their health and fitness routine. Active Isolated Stretching is incredible!

REVIEWS for my Coaching, Bodywork, or Nutrition services

by Anonymous on Jun 16
Jane is fantastic - extemely knowledgeable and courteous and does an excellent job, I always leave feeling great and looking forward to my next appointment. Thanks Jane!
by Heather on Jun 11
Thank you Jane, I came in with recurring plantar fasciitis & piriformis issues that have been greatly improved! Following my first visit I ran a hilly 5k and I experienced a reduction in tightness & pain during the race & a quicker recovery afterwards. I had gotten used to the discomfort & pain while I was running, it wasn’t a matter of if, but when it would happen, which took away my enjoyment of running. I’ve been able to see Jane before each of my races over the last couple months ranging from 5k, 5k trail, 10 miler & 1/2 marathon. In each race I was able to reduce my finish time 3-5 minutes from the prior year, but most importantly I’m enjoying my sport of running again.
by Jo-Anne on Jun 10
Jane is Amazing! I have been struggling with a tough injury that she is working really hard to help me with. Each visit gives more more and more relief. She is kind, caring and thoughtful always. I would recommend her 100%!
by Alan on Jun 09
You are an amazing healer - my shoulder and I are both really glad we found you!
by Anonymous on May 02
I liked the fact that you gave me the full 90 minute massage even after we talked for a bit. Though not pain free, I feel a change in the pain in my neck- not so throbbing and intense. The work you did on me definitely helped.
by Anonymous on May 22
With her knowledge of anatomy and her skill in myofascial massage, Jane helped loosen up my problem areas with each visit. Thank you!
by Cheryl on Feb 26
Reiki use of bell. I came in feeling like I was starting a cold. I left with no symptoms. Excellent massag.
by Brenda on Jul 29
I was experiencing a great deal of pain from my sciatica nerve. I went to Jane who was absolutely amazing!! She took the time to explain how the sciatica nerve works and also gave me great exercises to do to avoid it happening again. The day after her therapeutic massage I was completely pain free!!! I could not recommend Jane highly enough!! She truly cares and is a very talented and gifted healer:)
by Kelli on Jul 22
I have been going to Jane for years for massage therapy and her kindness and skills just keep growing. Thanks Jane, it is always a pleasure :)
by Georganne on May 27
Jane is a highly skilled holistic Myofascial Release Massage Therapist. From the beginning of my session, I like the time Jane took to have me complete a full assessment so she knew where she wanted to concentrate some of our time. She also instructed me on several exercises I could do on my own to release some of my pain in my shoulders and neck before she even began the massage. I have had massages all my life but have never fallen asleep. This time I did! I left the massage feeling like I just had a new type of healing therapy that was very effective for me, not just to release my pain but the relaxation technique was amazing. Worth every dollar!

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform


  • Certified Health Coach

Bodywork & Massage

  • Myofascial Release
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Active Isolated Stretching
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Mobile Myofascial Release


  • Certified Body Type Counselor

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