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My passion for massage started 15 years ago when I enrolled in massage school in Vancouver, Canada. Over the years I have developed my own massage and bodywork technique drawing on my Asian roots. I am honored to be able to share these healing modalities with the world and I welcome all who are seeking an alternative healing approach to improving their well being.

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CO # MT.0022333

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Denver Integrative Massage School, Inc.

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Certified Thai Massage Therapist

Traditional Thai massage Ancient Hilot Massage

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Maggie on Mar 01
Milo is professional, incredibly communicative, and specialized in his massage delivery. I'm so glad I found him!
by Steve on Feb 14
I've had a lot of massages and this was my first "bodywork" session. This was a different experience but oh so much better. Today is the day after and I'm feeling great. Relaxed, loosened up, increased range of motion and better posture. Ready for my next session in 2 weeks. Thank You Milo.
by Brandon on Feb 09
My Thai massage with Milo yesterday was excellent! I spent 6 months living in Thailand back in 2019 and getting a proper Thai massage there was a weekly occurrance. Milo's knowledge and technique are right up there with the professionals in Thailand. Not only was he able to cater the pressure to my level, but he identified a few pain points of mine immediately and helped tremendously to work them out! I highly recommend Milo, and I'll definitely be back in the future!
by Anonymous on Feb 09
Milo got my body to move in ways it used to years ago!
by Anonymous on Feb 05
Milo gave me the best massage yesterday. He worked out all of my kinks and left my body feeling better than it has in many months! Thanks Milo!
by Kathleen on Jan 24
Milo puts the "work" in bodywork so don't expect a "tickling massage". He's really knowledgeable and studied my movement before starting. He's cheerful and funny and acknowledges the importance of mind and breath. Even though it wasn't always the most relaxing, I do have more space in my shoulders and neck than I have in awhile !
by Dan on Jan 20
Milo's techniques are amazing! He really tailors each session to your specific body needs. I don't think I have ever had the same massage twice... He combines Eastern and Western techniques (i.e. traditional Swedish massage, Yoga, Shiatsu, etc.) HIs priority is restoring your body's balance. Even though it may hurt a little during in the moment, I always leave feeling better than I did coming in! After every visit I feel like my flexibility and circulation have improved. Milo is great about communicating with you through the entire process, in order to make you as comfortable as possible. He has especially helped with revision in my neck and shoulders, and my lower back/ sciatica. I wish I had found him sooner!
by Carly on Jan 08
Milo does an incredible job and really finding the source of the pain and working those muscles until they release.
by Josephine on Dec 23
Thank you Milo. Very educational. I hope my shoulder and sciatica get better soon.
by Kayla on Nov 16
My first time with Milo was an amazing experience. He was very thorough in explaining his methodology and very professional. I noticed a huge difference after only one session. I cannot wait to go back!

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