Rosemarie Simons

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Life Changing Massage Therapist

Changing how you feel, one muscle at a time
I've been practicing massage for 16 years. I challenge myself to actively keep learning and currently offer a variety of techniques tailored to meet each individual's needs. From sports injuries and rehab to active stretching, I can work with your body to get you feeling like you should again.

Desk jockeys, weekend warriors, stretched to near breaking Moms, let me show you what reclaiming your body and your sanity feels like.

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FL # MA36899

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# MM27165


Soothing Arts Massage School: Destin

Massage Therapy



I have been practicing Touch for Health since it's inception in the 80's in upstate NY. I incorporate it in every treatment when necessary to bring the body back into balance electrically, emotionally and physically. It is like a "Tune up on your body for peak performance".

"One Stop Shop for whatever ails you"

I have too many certificates to do them all separate. So I will just name them. Aroma Therapy ,Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, Crainiosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Iridology, Touch For Health, Neural Reset Therapy, Reflexology, Herbology and Muscle Reattachment.



I have been learning and assisting my patients with diet and proper nutrition for the last 30 years. Starting with Macrobiotics and ending,so far, with a Modified Paleo Diet. As conditions worsen world wide regarding our choices for nutritious food availability, it is very important to have someone that can make sense of it all and guide you in what's right for you.

REVIEWS for my massage services

by April on Dec 06
by Michelle and Brad on Nov 18
Fixed me right up ! Felt amazing!
by Anonymous on Aug 31
I enjoyed my entire visit! I got there a little early but didn’t wait long to be seen. The ambiance was relaxing and the information just in the waiting area is worth the visit. Ms.Rose is definitely a Rose as well as knowledgeably and honest. I’m starting to feel better just understanding there’s a better way a natural way to live and be happy healthy and your given information that can also help Family and friends. Ms.Rose is a prime example she looks great and gets around much better than me. Can’t wait to go back for my second visit.
by Rachel on Jun 30
It was an excellent first lymphatic massage for me!
by Glenn on Jun 14
Very professional and knowledgeable. I had a very sore shoulder from lifting. I could hardly raise the left arm. Had a 4:30pm appointment and after 30 minutes it felt better. I was advised that by the following day I would not be sore. I woke up to a new shoulder. I feel great. This place delivers.
by Karen on May 16
You do amazing things!!!
by Andie on Apr 03
I loved Rosemarie's knowledge and heart to help me and others be at their best health! I felt so rejuvenated after my appointment
by Cindy on Feb 20
Rose is a teacher. She not only provides wonderful therapeutic massages and other health support, she will teach you things about your body and what it needs! Simply amazing!
by Nancy on Dec 02
The whole 4 hours really reset our whole systems.Thanks so much!! Nancy
by Nancy on Dec 02
I am so glad you tested the supplements we brought, particularly because it exposed some problems I have been experienceing in right side of my brain. That is where my stroke area was in 2000 and where some of my TIAs recently. As you said. "The right side of the brain was not working correctly". The rest of the day, there was such clarity of thinking and so many happy experiences came back, We talked all the way home. Thank you!!!!!