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Breathe lots of love in. Lots of love out.

Hello I'm Michelle!

I went to school and graduated in the same class as Munni. Health and wellness is a love of mine and I am passionate about it. Being able to find tools to maintain balance within ourself is essential. Massage is one of those tools. It is restorative, it resets, and it is preventative! 
You'll find regular messages really enhance your wellbeing. 

~ May your life be filled wth love, laughter, health, & happiness

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CA # 3304


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REVIEWS for my massage services

by Izzy on Feb 24
I loved Michelle's narrative. She spoke very soft and gave relaxing techniques during the massage. She targeted high stress areas and noticed muscle tension.
by Anonymous on Feb 13
Michelle was great! She focused on the areas that most bothered me and really worked those areas. I will most definitely be coming back to see her.
by Karen on Feb 02
Great experience, will be back for sure.
by Anonymous on Jan 12
It was the most relaxed I have felt in a really long time. Definitely recommend!
by Debbie on Dec 22
Michelle is amazing. She makes me feel better both physically and mentally. I have been looking for a local massage person who is a fit for me for several years now and am grateful to have finally found one.
by Anonymous on Dec 14
by Joseph on Dec 12
Really understood my needs and spent time on painful areas
by Anonymous on Nov 07
Michelle did a wonderful job and focused on the areas that really needed her attention. I haven’t been that relaxed in years!
by Anonymous on Nov 03
Wonderful massage! Michelle worked on all my problem areas!! Very professional in a beautiful setting. If you haven’t been to Indian Lotus do yourself a favor and go!! You will not be disappointed!
by Anonymous on Nov 03
Great Massage!