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Massage Therapy Student

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by John on Sep 07
Nicolle was great! From pressure to hitting the problem areas, she was what I needed.
by Anonymous on Aug 29
Nicolle was very nice and professional, but truthfully through a large part of the session I felt like I was getting more of a back rub, than a massage. The subject of "pressure" was discussed at the start as it typically is, and I mentioned something to the effect that I like pressure up to the point of it nearly hurting (in a good way), but it simply never seemed to get to that point. I even mentioned during the session that more pressure could be applied, but again it just didn't seem to happen. No harm though (!) again, Nicolle was very nice and any massage is better than no massage!
by German P. on Aug 21
One of the best massages I’ve ever had. We only had 59 minutes to address my problem areas but she IS amazing. Previously licensed but had to go back to school due to her failing to get updated info from the state of TX. She is NOT your normal student at Parker ( who are good but Nicolle is AMAZING!!!!
by Michael on Aug 15
This session was very therapeutic and was an out-of-body life changing experience. Nicolle is the creme de la creme of massage therapists.