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  • Massage, TX #MT036913


  • Hands On Approach School of Massage: Dallas
  • University of North Texas


Bodywork & Massage

  • Reflexology
  • Deep Tissue
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Mobile Deep Tissue
  • Medical Massage

Jocelyn Waller


Hello, my name is Jocelyn.  I have been an active medical massage therapist for over 13 years.  I have worked in the chiropractic sector for the majority of those years.  I have learned and developed skills that set me apart from the rest.  For many people, managing pain involves using prescription medicine in combination with complementary techniques like physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga and massage. I appreciate this because I truly believe medical care should address the person as a who... more

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9862 Plano Rd , Dallas, TX 75238 Map it


Massage, TX # MT036913



Hands On Approach School of Massage: Dallas
University of North Texas


Notable Experiences

Massage Therapist
Certification in Prenatal Massage, Pressure Point, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, and Sports Therapy.
by Sandra Y. on Jan 22
I am a 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor in desperate need of massage therapy from a person who is knowledgeable of my condition after reconstruction. Jocelyn is very passionate and intentional in her work, and could answer many of my personal concerns about specific areas of my many physical needs! This surprizingly filtered over into comforting some of my emotional needs as well. I plan to continue my visits mostly with Jocelyn!
by Dafni D. on Jan 19
Jocelyn worked out some serious issues in my neck and shoulders that, combined with a chiropractic adjustment that she prepped me for, has me feeling HUGELY improved today. She's wonderful!
by irvin y. on Jan 15
Not one Thing. Great Experience.
by Scott C. on Jan 11
Best massage ever. I have been battling with tightness in my back for months. I've tried a number of things to relieve the tension without success. Jocelyn was able to provide me with I'm mediate relief.
by Gabi H. on Jan 07
All around wonderful therapist! I plan to continue with her to keep my body balanced and pain free!
by Ray S. on Dec 29
In the ten years that I have know Jocelyn, this last massage, just like all of the others, was the best one yet! Jocelyn's skills only get better with time, and the heated, hydraulic massage table that lets her change you position to allow the best possible angle for the maximum effect while the customer is being worked on is truly another of the pleasures received from her!
by Jennifer H. on Dec 08
I've been with Jocelyn for years and recently started having problems with one of my feet for plantar fasciitis. She got me in right away and today I feel better than I have in a month!! Thank you Jocelyn for blessing me!
by Anonymous on Nov 10
I loved everything about my massage on Saturday! Jocelyn is wonderful and very skilled. I will be coming back for sure!
by Virgina R. on Nov 02
I loved every minute of my massage.
by Justin W. on Oct 30
I won't go anywhere else now. ????????
by Andy W. on Oct 09
Great experience
by Aiiee K. on Oct 07
Jocelyn was amazing. She was really determined to help me with my shoulder pain, and was very informative on how to help heal my body. I highly te commend!
by Seth B. on Sep 25
Integration of multiple techniques.
by Anonymous on Sep 14
Best birthday present ever! I felt like a pampered princess! Jocelyn is a true professional.
by Sherry E. on Sep 02
Best massage ever
by Anonymous on Aug 31
by Heather M. on Aug 22
Having worked for a chiropractor for a few years and receiving MANY massages from a variety of therapists, Jocelyn gives the BEST therapeutic massage that I've ever had. Jocelyn has a unique gift; she is extremely knowledgeable of the anatomy and is able to pinpoint exactly what is going on in your body, without fail - most times without ever having to tell her where the challenged areas are. It is clear that Jocelyn has a passion for helping her clients feel their best, and she does so with much integrity and professionalism. She is worth every penny and then some. THANK YOU, Jocelyn!
by Katrina R. on Aug 21
The best massages I have ever had hands down! <3
by Victoria P. on Jul 29
Jocelyn is not only amazing for the aches and pains, but good for the soul! She's an incredible therapist!!
by Anonymous on Jul 26
Jocelyn is great! First massage I've had that actually targeted where the pain was coming from, not just where it hurt!
by joann f. on Jul 24
Joc is just the best, best, best!
by Peggy F. on Jul 19
Jocelyn does an amazing job... she truly cares about her clients. She takes the time to find your problem areas and work on them to release the pain. You will quickly learn that she isn't just your massage therapist, but a Friend!
by Marissa S. on Jul 18
Jocelyn is wonderful! I always leave my sessions trying to decide if the massage or the conversation was better. She is very knowledgable and approachable if you have questions or concerns. I cannot recommend her enough!
by Jennifer M. on Jul 11
Jocelyn is a magic worker! She takes note of what is bugging/ailing you, continually assesses as she works, and takes great care to make sure you are receiving exactly what you want out of the session. My favorite thing about her is that she knows the body inside and out, where muscles connect, how everything functions, and what to work (even though to me it seems completely unrelated) in order to achieve ultimate body function--pain free! Very detail oriented! It has taken me 10+ massage therapists to find someone like Jocelyn. I will never go to anyone else.
by Bree K. on Jul 10
Best massage I ever had. Wonderful energy. Wonderful person. So talented. You can't do better!
by Leola W. on Jun 26
I liked everything about the massage. I would highly recommend Jocelyn.
by mike m. on Jun 19
Best ever really knows what she is doing!!!!
by Brodie W. on Jun 05
I have received top notch massage therapy from Jocelyn for many years. She is professional & intuitive in her approach, & has mended me through some of my worst injuries. She can usually tell where I'm out of alignment as soon as I walk through her door. When I'm hurting or just need some kinks worked out, Jocelyn is the only one I'll see. Hands down the best!
by Melissa J. on May 29
Jocelyn has the best personality! She has great energy, strong hands and is very knowledgeable and aware of the areas that are bothering you. Overall, she is phenomenal and her facility is so relaxing! I can't wait for my next session!???? Thank you! ????
by Marilyn P. on May 22
Jocelyn/s patience and perseverance to satisfy client.
by Amy W. on May 19
Jocelyn was able to identify my problem area right away and focused on that to where I felt immediate relief.
by Tricia S. on Apr 14
Jocelyn is awesome. She knows just where to go to get to the places that need healing. She has a God given talent and she is using her talent well. Thank you.
by Vicki M. on Feb 27
A client of 15 years knows a great thing and Jocelyn Waller is a GREAT THING!
by Scott C. on Jan 05
Jocelyn is by far the best massage therapist I have received treatment from. She help me with relieving tension in my body due to long training hours preparing for a Ironman triathlon. What I like about Jocelyn is her ability to due a full assessment of the issue and quickly get you back on your feet. For example identifying issues I was having with my foot being due to tension in my hamstring and treating the cause of the issue and not just the symptom.
by Anonymous on Nov 28
My treatment was great as usual!
by Judy T. on Oct 31
Jocelyn has talented fingers and hands! She is smooth and effective. Tell those knots to watch out! Love you, Jocelyn!
by Jennifer H. on Sep 21
As always, it is so great to see Jocelyn. She understands how to help you fell your best and gives you suggestions on how to maintain the work between appointments. So thankful I have her!
by Jennifer H. on Sep 11
Always amazing and I am so thankful for Jocelyn!
by Jennifer H. on Aug 05
I try to see Jocelyn at least two times a month and with her help I have never felt better. There are times where she has to dig deep and I feel like a train has hit me, but it's so worth it later! Thanks for all you do!
by EVA T. on Jul 01
Jocelyn is a professional and knows her business. She delivers the most amazing and therapeutic massages. I always leave feeling great! Ever since I started going to Jocelyn I can definitely feel a difference in my muscles.
by Victoria P. on Jun 17
I am always amazed at how well Jocelyn knows muscles and everything attached to them!
by Sherry E. on Jun 02
Jocelyn works magic! Best massage therapist ever!
by Brodie W. on May 25
Joclyn is top notch, simply the best, none better! A true master of her craft, thanks for the great care!
by Barbara H. on May 05
It was an excellent massage with good deep tissue workout. There wasn't too much talking which I like. Very relaxing atmosphere.
by Jennifer H. on May 02
When you go to Jocelyn, you get more than just a run-of-the-mill massage. She customizes her technique to your needs and hurts and ensures that before you leave you will be feeling your best. Jocelyn goes a step further and also coaches you through steps you can do to maintain and continue the upward approach to feeling your best. She is the BEST!
by Tiffany A. on Apr 30
Amazing massage therapist with knowledge and skills! The tension in my back has continued to dissipate since our session.
by Marilyn P. on Apr 14
by Anonymous on Mar 31
My aches and pains are always gone after my massage!
by Senait W. on Mar 22
she is super professional i would defentely recomend to others.
by Evguenia V. on Mar 16
Jocelyn is great! I started to see her at a chiropractor place and so far went one time to see her in her new office. (Her new office is quite nice, clean and serene once you get inside.) In the last year she helped me tremendously with my back problems and I see a considerable improvement in the way I feel. The constant back pain that I had before is gone, I gained a lot of movement back and can actually keep a much better posture. All thanks to her work! I've seen many massage therapists before Jocelyn but none of them were able to help me to get a consistent improvement in my conditions. With her years of experience she just knows what to do and the improvement is quickly achieved. If you ever need a massage, Jocelyn is the best!
by Ray P. on Mar 16
Licensed healing therapist. Jocelyn is very professional, skilled, & strong! She very educated with the body's anatomy. Works really well with my other Dr.'s. My symptoms are tightness in the hamstrings, mid back area, and I use to have constant pain on one side of the rear area down to the calve area due to Sciatica nerve. I've been seeing Jocelyn for 10 years now. I've tried other therapist and other methods, but I keep going back to Jocelyn. She gets the job done and I feel great for long periods of time. You won't be disappointed.
by Brodie W. on Mar 09
Jocelyn Waller is the best in the business. I have benefitted from her care through a number of athletic injuries, as well as everyday wear & tear. Her experience & ability allow her to pinpoint & deal with the source of the pain, not just where the pain is presenting itself. Her therapy is as professional & effective as it gets.
by Jennifer H. on Mar 01
I have been a client of Jocelyn's for over 10 years and there are few people that give the level of service that she does. When I consistently go to her, my back feels so much better and I am relatively free from pain. Her professionalism and technique is amazing! Congratulations on your new office, I am proud of you and thankful for your commitment to your patients.
by Anonymous on Feb 28
Jocelyn is an amazing massage therapist. Intuitive and scientific in her approach. I'm feeling really great after seeing her for several weeks, and I would highly recommend her to any of my friends.
by Vicki M. on Feb 20
After 13+ years with her - Jocelyn is the best massage therapist I have ever had!!
by Anonymous on Feb 19
I love the calming, relaxing atmosphere that Jocelyn has created in her room. Jocelyn's knowledge about her craft makes the experience awesome.
by Monica H. on Feb 18
You can't find a better massage therapist than Jocelyn. She is one smart cookie and will educated you incredibly about your particular issues. I can't recommend her enough, she is professional, on time, attentive and just a fantastic person! Can't wait to book again...and again...AND AGAIN!
by Ken C. on Feb 15
Ken says "she cares about what she does and that makes a difference". I agree with that comment she does care.
by Punky T. on Feb 10
Jocelyn Waller has the "gift" of massage! I have had the pleasure of experiencing Jocelyn's therapeutic and relaxing massages for over 9 years and have only received the most excellent treatment and service. Jocelyn is a skilled massage therapist who really listens to her clients- with her ears and her hands. She is able to a accurately pinpoint and treat areas of stress and trigger points, promoting quick relief. She is both professional and personable in her work, and passionate about the health of her clients. I am rating her highly because she is truly the best at what she does! You will more than enjoy Jocelyn and the benefits of her massage! Punky Tolson, Dallas, TX
by Anonymous on Jan 25
What's not to like?