Sue Senden

I enjoy the mystical world where a reading takes me

Sue has been an intuitive reader all her life.  She has enhanced these skills while living abroad in England, Greece, and Egypt.  Other psychics consistently call upon sue for there personal readings, appreciating her accuracy and clarity.  Sue is also a free lance writer and has a masters degree.  

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by Anonymous on Apr 25
Lovely lady, very open and shows a passion for what she does.
by Sarah on Jan 26
I love Sue! She's my adopted mother now! I feel like I can tell her anything and my healing has progressed nicely because of her. (And Ilona) So happy to have met these wonderful women and to receive their healing and loves!
by Anonymous on Aug 14
She was very nice, but she talked a lot about herself. I'm still skeptical, but will try what she said and see what happens. It's hard to really get a good sense of the whole process in only 20 minutes.
by Kelli on Aug 04
Sue is amazing!