Amy Grimsley

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Restoring the body and mind through massage therapy.

I have been a massage therapist for several years, working with clients to restore the body after injury and maintain whole health through various massage techniques,  My specialties lie in improving sleep, easing conditions like sciatica, increasing circulation and encouraging the body to relax and heal.  

If you are ready to take your health to a new level, we can create a plan that specifically targets your needs and goals!

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AZ # 20623

REVIEWS for my massage services

by Anonymous on Nov 21
Amy has a wonderful technique and gives good advice on how to stay healthy!
by Darrian on Nov 17
by Beth on Nov 11
Amy was the best! I came in with neck and shoulder tenseness and came out feeling like a new person!
by Gary on Oct 25
Went in with left hip and right shoulder bothering me 24 hours later I feel so much better thank you Amy.
by Anonymous on Oct 20
Him Amy, the massage was lovely. Next time I will ask for more work on my neck, face and ears. Love my ears rubbed! ????
by Carolyn on Oct 18
I liked what she did she really concentrated on my upper back issue. But after I got home I wished we had really done more "all body", like my legs. Thanks
by Anonymous on Oct 04
My Chiropractor said that it was easier to give me an adjustment after I had a session with Amy! Amy's better than just a regular massage therapist because she actually has skills to locate different muscle groups rather than just an overall relaxing massage however it was still very relaxing!
by Amy on Sep 27
Thank you Amy. The massage was great. Afterwards I took a power nap. Wow!!
by Anonymous on Sep 25
by Carol on Aug 30
GREAT. Changed my mind about avoiding massages