Micah Cox

  • OH License #: 33.020493

You're worth it.

I help people bring their higher self back into focus. Too often we stay in our heads and out of our bodies, this creates a disconnect and brings our lives out of balance. My work helps to correct that balance. 

Hello my name Is Micah Cox, I am an A.I.A.M graduate, Licensed massage therapist, certified Neuro-muscular therapist, and Body mind coach. My hope is that you will find Peaceful Essence Bodywork and Coaching, to be a retreat and a place to recharge. Why? Because you're worth it.

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OH # 33.020493


The American Institute of alternative medicine

Western Massage Therapy Program


Luara Weick, Body mind coach

Body mind coaching certification program


Diamond dance and fitness

In house massage therapist.

American institute of alternative medicine.

Massage therapist, Teaching assistant, Student clinic supervisor.