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Peter Watts

Healthy body. Peaceful mind.

Peter's first experience with massage was during a month long workshop at the world renowned Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.  After spending two years living at the retreat center he moved to Mexico for two years. When he returned to the States, he decided to pursue massage as a full time profession.  He has nearly 1000 hours of education and training.  While his technical ability and skill has grown significantly since his time at Esalen®.  His original teaching have given h...


Where I Work

Red Branch Massage LLC.  

9160 Rumsey Road, Suite B4, Columbia, MD 21045 Map it


Massage, MD # R01970



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by Ron B. on Jan 24
Peter is always first class
by Rae M. on Jan 17
Truly one of the best massages I've ever had! I'll be back! Rae
by Anonymous on Jan 13
Released the trigger point and pain subsided. Love not having to take medication.
by candie a. on Jan 09
Peter's professionalism, technique and excellent listening skills lead to a wonderful massage experience.
by Jane S. on Dec 29
Peter is amazing!
by Anonymous on Dec 19
Very relaxing, customized to my comfort & needs
by Lisa P. on Dec 13
Thanks for a wonderful massage! I had the best night's sleep after the massage that I've had in a while!
by Regina M. on Dec 07
I loved your expertise, knowledge, and skill in treatment. From my initial meeting where you immediately explained the four muscles that make up the rotator cuff, I knew I was in good hands. Your hands are very gifted to reaching the right places and applying the right amount of pressure and massage to ease the tension. It was absolutely the best massage I have ever had, very targeted to my condition . I look forward to more sessions with you, Peter. You are the Best! Thank You! Gina
by Jess Y. on Dec 06
Always a pleasure, Peter. Thank you.
by Jan V. on Nov 22
I particularly like the attention to detail and the conversation about habits and lifestyles.
by Anonymous on Nov 03
I had tried many different massage therapists, and while some were better than others, I never had a bad massage. Then I had the opportunity to see Peter, and no one else compares. He is a master at his craft, and is a warm, friendly personality while remaining completely professional.
by Pam E. on Oct 31
The massages are amazing. I feel light and energized with each one. Peter is warm, welcoming and makes me feel completely comfortable.
by Anonymous on Oct 27
Peter paid closer attention to both my description of problem areas and to how my muscles actually felt than any other therapist I've worked with. He tried to address the root causes of tension and offered suggestions for other changes I could make to prevent future or recurrent symptoms. He is a very thoughtful, perceptive person, and was completely professional.
by Ellen T. on Oct 25
Very professional. Thank you!
by Modupe A. on Oct 24
Peter is an amazing massage therapist! He truly has a gift that allows him to carefully "listen" to all your aches and pains then melt them away. Best massage therapist in town.
by Susan D. on Oct 22
I forgot to tell you--I really liked the music, too!!!
by Joseph M. on Oct 12
Best yet !!
by Pam E. on Oct 04
Really appreciated the fact that you took the time to ask about any physical issues prior to the massage. Those issues were addressed and this was by far the best massage I've ever had.
by Anonymous on Oct 01
Peter is awesome! One of the best massage therapists out there. He really listens to your needs and works hard to help you. He is also a genuinely kind and caring person! You can tell that he really enjoys his work. I hope to go back for another massage soon.
by Oleg K. on Oct 01
Simply the best massage therapists I have ever had.
by greg n. on Sep 24
My massage with Peter Watts at Red Branch Massage was excellent. The ambiance of the room was perfect plus Peter was extremely professional and goes to great lengths to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend you consider Peter Watts and Red Branch Massage for your next massage and I look forward to my next visit.
by Razel F. on Sep 21
Wonderful massage. The 90 minutes was so relaxing and exactly what I needed to help relax my tight muscles. I will definitely be back for another massage!!
by Anonymous on Sep 19
The massage session was Excellent. I left feeling very relaxed and my muscles tension gone. The room had great ambiance, just the occasional talking heard in the hallway. Overall, it was fantastic!
by Erin N. on Sep 18
Peter is a wonderful practitioner, all around. He communicates clearly, listens deeply and his technique is amazing.
by Rob W. on Sep 17
Peter is knowledgable and does his thing- he is quiet and intuitive and lets himself understand what is happening and knows how to fix it. Massage to me is health care and Peter is a health care professional. I am glad to know him and benefit from his work. I drive 45 minutes each way but he is worth it.
by Kennedy m. on Aug 30
All the things.
by Marc K. on Aug 30
Peter was quite fantastic and very calming in his presentation and approach to the message. It was my first message in quite a few years. I opted for deep tissue which was a bit intense for me but didn't say anything as I was thinking "no pain no gain". I will definitely keep coming back but I think I'll go for the Swedish Style for a while and work my way back into the deep tissue. Thank you Peter.
by Cristina G. on Aug 30
Peter is very intuitive and does an excellent job. My stiff and aching jaw from teeth grinding and tight and sore neck feel amazing now!
by karen f. on Aug 16
I liked Peter's style. He's very friendly and respectful. He used a lot of interesting ways of connecting strokes and was creative rather than a "cookie cutter" massage...Very lovely.
by Cheryl E. on Aug 10
Was I ever lucky that a friend referred me to Peter. So far I’ve had 3 of a 5 session loyalty pack, which is an amazing deal given his professional experience and talent. Each time I find myself transported into a deeply relaxed, nearly meditative state. Peter has a knack for first setting a person at ease, both mentally and physically, and then he calmly gets to work releasing tension-- he managed to gently unwind some long-held knots in my back that no other massage therapist has ever addressed. After a session, I go about my day feeling rather invincible and full of energy but also just plain happy. Isn't the world a beautiful place when your body is truly relaxed?! A note on location: Red Branch Massage is tucked away in a quiet corporate complex inside a pilates studio. Super convenient to both Rte 29 & 100 with plenty of parking. The room is perfect-- a traditional massage space with a spa-like ambience. All in all, Peter has that rare combination of a genuine intellectual passion for human anatomy but also a deeply intuitive physical touch. It’s a gift! Plus, he tailors each session to your needs in a gentle and kind-hearted manner. An utmost professional. I really am lucky to be a client!
by Kris J. on Aug 03
Everything about my experience was impeccable. Peter is extremely skilled, and very attuned to his clients' individual needs. He was very welcoming, and professional and insightful from start to finish. I walked out feeling a lightness and ease in my body that I can't remember experiencing prior-- almost as if I was given a new body to walk around in for a while. Very, very thankful. Will be back.
by jordan c. on Jul 19
very personable and professional!
by Gary H. on Jul 12
Great massage.
by Theresa C. on Jul 07
Felt like I lost 100 pounds - of muscle tension!
by Cathy K. on Jul 06
by Sara R. on Jun 29
Excellent experience all around. Peter is very knowledgable and skilled.
by Lindey F. on Jun 21
Peter is an amazing massage therapist! I came in with a painful upper back and he immediately relieved my pain. He is very passionate, personable, professional and skilled. He is highly recommended!!
by Anonymous on Jun 16
Peter, is very personable and kind. He listens to his clients and tries to make the most out of the massage session. The environment is clean and comfortable.
by Anonymous on Jun 15
I really enjoyed my 90 minute custom massage. Peter is a master at deep tissue massages. I have some health challenges that he is able to masterfully work with. When done I feel fantastic.
by Alina P. on Jun 15
It is a pleasure to be a client of Peter Watts at Red Branch Massage. A skillful master at his profession, Peter is also a healing presence for those of us seeking relief from life's daily stresses. He intuitively listens to customize the massage to the needs of his client. Please display first name only.
by Maria M. on Jun 14
Peter knew exactly how to pinpoint my complaint and help to release it. I had been having neck pain for several weeks and after a session with him, I felt so much better! It was amazing. He is very professional and does everything to make the session as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend Peter for bodywork.
by Debbie B. on May 29
Peter knows his stuff and has a genuine concern for his clients' comfort and for giving them the best service possible. His care and concern coupled with an unmatched skill set make every massage session something unique and therapeutic.
by Micheal B. on May 25
Perfect all around experience