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  • Massage, CO #2607


  • Central State Massage Academy
  • Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy


Bodywork & Massage

  • Deep Tissue
  • Thai Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Swedish Massage
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  • Reflexology
  • Hot Stone Massage

Ashleigh B

"The most imperative time to receive massage is when you don't have time for it."-Anonymous

Ashleigh Bouziden began her career in Massage Therapy in 2001 at Central State Massage Academy, Oklahoma City, OK. During her time there, she was exposed to a variety of modalities including eastern theory.
 Directly after school she began her own practice at the age of 18. The practice grew significantly every year. During this time she had the privilege to serve on an advisory board for an up and coming school and ... more

Where I Work

Intuitive Touch Bodywork  

801 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903 Map it


Massage, CO # 2607



Central State Massage Academy
Massage Therapy Certification
Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

Deep Tissue
Ashleigh believes deep tissue isn't just a deep pressure massage. This massage is never supposed to hurt. She will take each client to their individual "therapeutic edge" or the "hurt so good" feeling that gives your muscles relief from tension. Deep tissue is also a very functional massage with goals such as balancing postural distortions. She will give you a full assessment before each deep tissue massage in order to target the muscles that cause posture, gait and pain issues. Although functional, deep tissue should also be flowing and rhythmic so the client can be able to fully relax and unwind.
Myofascial Release
Ashleigh uses the MRT theory to help reshape muscles and balance posture
Ashleigh took further schooling and training at the renowned Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. This school is known for a specific protocol they use during neuromuscular therapy. NMT as it is called is effective because the therapist is working directly with the peripheral nervous system in order to change the muscle fibers from shortened and painful to lengthened and released.
Reflexology is based on the theory that points on the feet, hands and ears are connected energetically to organs, glands and body parts in the upper body. This is a very effective technique to bring the body into homeostasis. Many times clients that are otherwise contraindicated for a full body massage can still receive reflexology in order to achieve their wellness goals through touch therapy.
Hot Stone Massage
Ashleigh was trained and has also taught hot stone therapy massage for many years. This technique is based on the theory that stones of the earth can bring energy and balance to the human body. On a mechanical level these stones can soften muscle tissue due to the weight and the heat. Ashleigh will use hot stones in the massage according to how you the client views the benefits of them. Whether you would like a more western approach or a more eastern approach (using the stones to balance chakras), Ashleigh will make sure you enjoy your Hot Stone Massage!
Sports Massage
Ashleigh has had the privilege of providing pre, intra, and post-event massage at a variety of sporting events including The Red Man Triathlon, Oklahoma City, Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent in Manitou Springs CO, and the National Wheelchair Basketball Association Playoffs at the Olympic Training center in Colorado Springs.
Thai Massage
Ashleigh is one of the few therapists that has been trained in Thai Massage. Thai massage can be described as a passive yoga with many similar goals as active yoga. She will take you into a variety of stretches and ROM techniques to provide balance both physically and energetically.
Ashleigh has been trained in prenatal, postnatal and even Labor massage and has had the honor of being a Doula on several occasions. She is well versed in the changes of the female pelvis and the pain these changes can cause. She loves to help women during their journey of child bearing and birth through the gift of the healing arts.
Ashleigh likes to think of Medical Massage as "Condition Specific". This means that the type of massage she provides for injuries is very specific and is tailored to the type of injury and the clients stage of healing. She has had the honor of helping those in car accidents, those with common sports injuries and repetitive motion injuries in her practice. She is happy to work with insurance in the case of car accidents so that you can receive the care you need without the worry of finances during such a stressful time.
Ashleigh has been able to work at many spas during her career and has also had extensive training for a variety of spa treatments including body wraps, masks, hydrotherapy and exfoliation. She continues to offer several types of spa treatments in her practice today. Ask her about the new Parafango wrap. This wrap is notable for inch loss and body detoxification.
Ashleigh has been a student of yoga for many years and can vouch for how beneficial it is body and mind. She is currently pursuing her Yoga Instructor Certification through NCCPT so that she can lead yoga classes and empower her clients with yoga.