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I graduated from the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City NC in August of 2013.
I became interested in Holistic Health after being exposed to Lyme Disease in the early 1990’s. I was misdiagnosed and after many years my symptoms became so severe that they affected every aspect of my life including my ability to drive.
When traditional therapy did not produce the results I had hoped for and after experiencing negative side effects from prescription medicati...

I graduated from the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City NC in August of 2013.
I became interested in Holistic Health after being exposed to Lyme Disease in the early 1990’s. I was misdiagnosed and after many years my symptoms became so severe that they affected every aspect of my life including my ability to drive.
When traditional therapy did not produce the results I had hoped for and after experiencing negative side effects from prescription medication due to a genetic defect that would not allow my liver to metabolize it properly I began to pursue Alternative Therapies such as Massage , Homeopathy, and Energy Work  among other things and experienced some profound results. On this journey of self healing and discovery I place great value on the innate healing abilities in all of us.
As a result of my own experiences I have the deepest compassion and empathy for individuals who suffer from chronic pain conditions related to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis and Injury. 

My style is integrative utilizing a combination of techniques from different modalities based on each clients needs. I am trained in Classical Swedish, Myofacial, Deep Tissue and has completed CEU training in Warm Bamboo Fusion, Trigger Point,Claire Miller’s “Nurturing The Mother’s” Prenatal, Labor and Post Partum Massage, Reiki 1 and Integrative Reflexology.

I have recently been certified in a unique injury therapy called MRT. Muscle Release Technique . MRT combines compression, extension, movement and breath. With MRT scar tissue is broken up , the muscle is lengthened , muscle memory is restored. When used regularly it not only prevents injuries , it helps with faster recovery as well and can often provide relief in one session. It is very effective for treatment of Plantar Facitis, Carpel Tunnel, Tennis and Golf Elbow , and chronic back and neck pain. I am  slowly integrating this modality into my practice and can provide more information to clients who will benefit from it.

As an adjunct to traditional massage and in the treatment of chronic pain I became certified in Energy Healing for Massage Therapists as taught by the “Four Winds Society”.A Shamanic Energy Medicine school that offers the most extensive professional training in Energy Medicine based on 50,000.00 year old wisdom teachings of the Ancient America’s. I was so impressed with Energy Work that I completed a year long training  in Shamanic Healing and  I am now A full Mesa Carrier and Shamanic Healer. Shamanic Energy Work can be combined with traditional massage by working with the body’s  electromagnetic energy flowing around and through the body in specific currents called meridians and through the energy field around the body. When these currents are blocked disease and chronic pain can be the result .Energy Work clears the blockages and can promote healing on a deeper level by clearing heavy energy that has accumulated in and around the Chakras as well as the areas of injury.“Energy Medicine is becoming more frequently used in supporting patients to attain optimal health( Pub Med) and according to Carolyn Ross MD, MPH, in an article for “Psychology Today” “By removing the blockage or stimulating the flow of energy our body can naturally heal itself.”

I  continue  to expand my knowledge in Massage, Energy and  Shamanic work to help empower my clients in gaining balance and clarity in their lives and I look forward to meeting you on your journey of self discovery ,healing and path to wellness. In my work with chronic pain for those interested I utilize my training in energy medicine to detect and clear heavy and stagnant energies that accumulate  around the area of concern thus facilitating healing on a deeper level.Integrating traditional body work with energy work can produce very effective results.

An Interior Designer in my earlier days I am also studying Holistic Feng Shui and Chromotherapy ( Color Therapy) to integrate into my business in order to help facilitate healing in all aspects of life. If you would like to learn more please feel free to inquire. I am developing a sister website and business to Tranquil Flow Holistic Health LLC called "Tranquil Flow Holistic Interiors". The focus is on Holistic Interior Design , Feng Shui and Green Design.

“ Natural Forces within us are the healers of disease”. Plato

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NC # 13820

Certified Reiki 2 Practitioner

# 13820

Certified Crystal Healer

# 13820

Certified Chromotherapist ( Color Therapist)

# 13820

Certified in Meridian Massage

# 13820

Certified Deep Tissue Massage

# 13820

Certified Muscle Release Technique

# 13820

Certified Advanced Integrative Reflexology

# 13820


Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale

Interior Design


The Body Therapy Institute

Massage Therapy


Certifications and special training

Trained in Classical Swedish, Myofacial Release, Deep Tissue and certified in Prenatal and Post Partum Massage, Muscle Release Technique, Bamboo Fusion, Trigger Point, and Energy Work for Massage Therapists.

Advanced Intergrative Reflexology

Reflexology combined with Bodywork , the Meridian System , The Zone System and Psychoimmunoneurolgy.

Shamanic Healing/ Energy Work

Certified in Energy Work for Massage Therapists, Shamanic Healing

Chromotherapy (Color Therapy)

I am currently studying Chromotherapy and integrating it into my practice. Color Therapy is a non invasive therapy that makes use of the healing energy contained within the visible rays of color. This form of therapy is thousands of years old and is experiencing a resurgence among Holistic professionals as well as Holistic Interior Designers and Feng Shui practitioners. Please see my website for further information.

Shamanic Healer and Full Mesa Carrier

I was so impressed with the energy work I learned that I chose to continue with my education in Shamanic Energy Work. I studied with a Master Shaman for a year and was trained in the tradition of the Q'uero Shamans of the Peruvian Andes as taught by the" Four Winds Society". The Four Winds Society offers the worlds most through training in the philosophy and practice of Shamanic Energy Medicine , combining ancient wisdom with cutting edge neuroscience. I am really fascinated by energy work in combination with traditional body work in the treatment of chronic illness and pain. I myself have experienced very powerful results when receiving this work and and when combined with massage it helps to facilitate healing on a much deeper level.

Professional Birth Doula and ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network Chapter Leader)

Shortly after I had my children as a result of my experiences I trained and became a DONA Certified Birth Doula I served as a Doula in the Triangle from 2003 to 2013. Attending over 60 births. This led me to study massage therapy. The majority of by clients gave birth with no medications proving to me the power of loving support and massage. I also started a support group for women who suffered from traumatic births as a result of unexpected Cesarean Sections. I worked almost exclusively with women who wanted to have VBAC's ( Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). Today I am certified in Prenatal Massage , Labor Massage and Postpartum Massage.


Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional

I am currently studying Feng Shui and how it contributes to health and wellness. I will soon be certified as an Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional and will be continuing deeper studies with the "American Feng Shui Institute". My experiences with Chronic health issues led to to become very sensitive to my environment. With so much exposure to toxic chemicals in our air , food and water I am interested in Green Design and am working towards helping people create environments to live in that support their health and well being.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork or Coaching services

by Bianca on Sep 17
I liked that I was showed stretches after my massage! Overall a relaxing time!
by Irina on Jul 26
Wonderful experience! Felt so relaxed and it was much needed.
by Kathy on Jul 23
This was another amazing visit. I felt so relaxed afterwards and had a good night's sleep the first time in a while. I loved the stretches. Kandice is great and never rushes you out the door.
by Barbara on Jul 21
Kandi was great in every way. Just the right pressure, and I felt such relief afterwards.
by Debra on May 29
Always a great massage.Appreciate the suggestions that Kandace makes regarding how to help myself by doing stretches.
by Pascale on Mar 14
I loved every minute of the massage therapy and it is the best life experience I have had in a long while!! Fantastic!!
by Anonymous on Mar 14
Kandace is lovely. She’s knowledgeable and very skillful. I will be going back. The only thing that needs improvement is the darkening of the room.
by Kathy on Mar 06
This was the best massage I have ever had. Kandace is very knowledgeable and took the time to go over a few stretches after. Not many therapist are willing to take extra time outside of the massage for anything!
by Anonymous on Mar 04
love the location hope you dont have to move.Hopefully you can fine new location with in this area
by Donna on Sep 26
An amazing massage. Took my chronic injuries into great consideration and adapted my massage to give me maximum healing. She's also a highly skilled energy healer. Best of both worlds.

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