Michele Beauregard

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You are the creator of your own happiness!! Create fully!!!

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At a very early age I learned through the adults in my life to work and live passionately.  I set out on a journey to fulfill this desire.  I had 30+ jobs from the age of 16 to 25.  At age 25 I finally found a place I loved to work in.  I worked for a chiropractor doing his billing.  I loved my job and working with numbers which made me think I wanted to be an accountant, so I went back to school to do just that.  I quickly found that was ...

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At a very early age I learned through the adults in my life to work and live passionately.  I set out on a journey to fulfill this desire.  I had 30+ jobs from the age of 16 to 25.  At age 25 I finally found a place I loved to work in.  I worked for a chiropractor doing his billing.  I loved my job and working with numbers which made me think I wanted to be an accountant, so I went back to school to do just that.  I quickly found that was not my forte.  I finished school with my associate degree and kept on looking for ah-ha moments where without a doubt I would know what it was I would do.  One day, the chiropractor rented out a room to a Reiki practitioner who owned her own business.  I was so intrigued that I decided to have a session with her.  That was my first ah-ha moment.  The energy moved through my body in ways that I can’t even put into words.  I felt so connected, so at peace, so perfect!  I loved the energy work and wanted to do what she did.  I quickly signed up for all the classes in a short amount of time so that I could start my own journey as a business owner.  I started this in July of 2006; finished all four levels by August of 2006 and by January of 2007 I left the chiropractors office to start my business. I started out in my home providing Reiki and Intuitive Readings.  I would do house parties where I would set up my massage table and provide both services to people.  I would also do individual services in my home and phone readings for people all over the state.  Three years into my business I decided to rent an office space.  I loved what I did.  As I began seeing more people, they would ask me questions about their body that I could not answer.  I just didn’t know.   I realized that I wanted to learn more about the body and how it worked.  I had many friends that I collaborated with that were massage therapist.  We would often work on each other to keep one another balanced and rejuvenated.  I loved the results that I felt after having a massage.  I wanted to be able to give those same results to my clients.   So, with my thirst of knowledge and the ambition to help people on a different level plus knowing that I would learn all about the body, I decided to go back to school to become a massage therapist.  Once I became licensed I combined all the services.   This allowed me to help people heal on the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels. 

Here is a little about me. I am a mother of 3, I have a stepdaughter who has blessed me with a grandchild, I also have a daughter and a son . Starting my own business allowed me to control my schedule so that I could be with my children whenever they needed me.

What is my ideal client?

I want to connect with people that have been told there is no help for them.  That whatever condition they have, that is as good as it gets.  I know how disheartening this is.  Been there, done that!  To be told that you have to live that way and just deal with it is ridiculous!!  Nobody and I mean nobody is in your body or your mind!  No one knows what healing powers you have!  Most people don’t even know their own healing potential!  Some of you may be facing surgery and have not tried or even thought that alternative methods could help.   I want to talk to all of those people!  Let them know there are options out there that can help!  Let them know that their journey has just begun, not come to an end!  We are all meant to live happy lives, and living in physical pain is not in harmony with that! 

I have had several times where this has happened to me and guess what people, I defied the odds.  When I was in high school I had hip pain so bad that my hip would completely give out on me and would bring me to my knees.  The doctor and physical therapist all said to just lose weight and you will be fine.  Not so much!  I ended up going to a chiropractor at the time and found out my hips were rotated, one forward, one back.  No amount of weight loss would fix that!  Back in my early 20’s I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, have you all noticed what profession I am in??  Did I have surgery you ask??  Absolutely NOT!!  I wanted to try everything else possible before I subjected my body to someone cutting into it!  I am so glad I did, I would not be in the profession I am now had I gone through what the doctors thought was the best avenue for me.  I had amazing therapist that worked on my hands getting the release that was needed in order to free up the inflammation in the carpal tunnel.

I have worked with clients that have been told by doctors that there is nothing wrong with them.  One of my clients had knee pain; she went to the doctor’s office and had x-rays of the area.  She was told she had arthritis and that there was nothing they could do for her.  When she came to me, her whole lower leg was rotated causing the knee tack incorrectly, which I could clearly see without an x-ray.  This was what was causing the pain, not the arthritis!  She is now walking with no pain!  Another client had shoulder surgery; he had torn two out of the four rotator cuff muscles.  He went to physical therapy and was able to gain 50% movement back in his arm.  The physical therapist told the client that this was the best healing he was going to have due to the type of surgery he underwent.  With my help the client gained 90% movement back in his shoulder. 

  The best advice I can give to any of you is that if it doesn’t feel right then DON’T DO IT!!!  Doctors do the best they can with what they are taught but they are not taught about the mind body connection.  They do not know that what each individual is thinking has an effect on their health.  They don’t know you.  They see you for a few minutes to find out what your issue is, they diagnose you and then they set you up with what they think is the best solution for you.  Take control of your health, this is your body, not theirs.  They may think it is best for you but if it doesn’t sit right with you, find another way.

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NH # 3853M


MA # 13650


Franklin Pierce College



Seacoast Career Schools: Manchester

Massage Therapy


Law of Attraction

I personally have been following Esther Hicks since 2006. I have studied, applied and continue to grow in the field of Law of Attraction. I listen to her teachings almost daily for my own growth and perseverance.


Reiki Master Teacher

This was three classes of intense training where you learn how to utilize Reiki, give attunements and teach others.

REVIEWS for my Coaching, Bodywork, or Spa services

by Lynn on Apr 18
I've been with Michele for several years for massages as well as intuitive readings. We have a special connection and I always feel so inspired and upbeat after our sessions. She is the best there is, by far!
by Marilyn on Mar 03
Michelle's skill and passion made my experience absolutely wonderful.
by Anonymous on Feb 28
My monthly visits with Michele are an important part of my self-care.
by Annie on Feb 11
I look forward to my next visit the second I leave!! I’ve been seeing Michele for 3 years and she is amazing
by Makayla on Jan 31
Michele was awesome!!! I had my first professional massage so I was a little nervous but she made me feel very comfortable.
by Sara on Jan 13
Michele is amazing. She knew what was going on in my life before I even said anything. She gave me some direction and understanding to move forward with.
by Peter on Dec 17
Michelle was recommended to me by my wife. Her skills are very good. I have a very chronic lower back pain that I was nervous about receiving massage therapy for. She was bald yet amazingly intuitive. I am very happy to a found her.
by Scott on Dec 13
I always leave feeling better both physically and mentally!
by Jamie on Dec 03
Strong pressure, creative problem solving, intuitive, friendly
by Lulu on Nov 14
If you are looking for an excellent massage in the Gilford area, this is the place!

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