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Nicole Galbreath

Getting you back in optimal health

Nicole "Nikki" Galbreath, LMT,a massage therapist and owner of bodyBalance, is dedicatd to improving her patients' overall health and well being.

Nikki enjoys working on a vast array of clients, customizing each massage session to meet her client's unique and individual needs.  Nikki incorporates numerous massage modalities into her practice including but not limited to Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, sports, flexibility and myoskeletal alignment.

Nikki also specializes in women and childr...


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Nicole Galbreath Massage and Bodywork  

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Notable Experiences

Deep Tissue
Work closely with patients in deep tissue which is part of my normal routine. I have added hours of classes to increase my knowledge base.
Sports Massage
I have studied many hours of sports massage and like working closely with athletes to get them back to top performance quickly. I do flexibility and ROM with the athletes. I have also worked on several semi pro football players during season and some major league baseball players during spring training.
I have completed 32 hours of continuing education hours and certified. I work with women in many different stages of pregnancy.
I have taken intense workshops to improve my knowledge on systems, muscles and kinesiology to become more effective applying correct work with the issues on hand and being able to deal with disease and illness.
CEIM with Infant Massage USA
I took 60 hours of classes in infant massage. This gives me the title of Certified Educator in Infant Massage with Infant Massage USA.
Fertility Massage
I have received certification in fertility massage which helps aid women having issues conceiving. I also continue to study fertility in all aspects to become an expert in the area.