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Bodywork & Massage

  • Deep Tissue
  • Mobile Neuromuscular Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Lokte Method
  • Everything!
  • Fascial Stretch Only

Michelle Blalock

Cuz Pain Sucks!

Michelle started her career in bodywork & fitness 12yrs ago which evolved into self-defense and professional fighting. When Michelle suffered some injuries from over training and fighting she discovered how imperative it is to have regular massage and bodywork done. She thought Hmm.. the top athletes do this for a reason. She believes even the weekend warrior or anyone who is active will benefit from massage and bodywork just like their fitness program. Michelle AKA "Bobcat" is a graduate of ... more

Where I Work

Bobcat's Bodywork  

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Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado
Certified Masaage Thrapist


Notable Experiences

Trigger Point Therapy
Graduate of Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado (MTIC) 12yrs experience Group fitness & Personal Training and Martial Arts. Retired Pro MMA Fighter and Self Defense Instructor including Children. Specializing in NMT, Fascial Stretch, LOKTE Method & Sports.
by Tony S. on Dec 28
Michelle is great!
by Brooke A. on Dec 17
I always leave feeling better than when I came in. Michelle can really find those spots and make a difference in how I feel! If I am not going regularly I can feel the difference.
by Trish S. on Dec 02
Love Michelle! She knows what she is doing and listens to every detail of what is going on. I will always go to Michelle to take care of my aging body! Trish S
by Arturo M. on Nov 18
Very professional
by Carolyn J. on Oct 27
Honestly; didn't know what I was in for. Was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable Michelle made me feel in close contact stretching. Left feeling so centered and balanced, like I was "walking on clouds"
by Kelly B. on Oct 22
Huge difference after one session. I can sit Cross legged again and my legs don't go to sleep!!!! You are amazing Thank you!!!
by Anonymous on Oct 14
Michelle is amazing and knows what she's doing! I trust her with anything from a simple massage to back pain I know I'll be fixed when I walk out.
by John N. on Oct 07
I liked all parts of it. I felt improvement the next day. The session made my workout on Friday better.
by Sean P. on Sep 21
Michelle always brings such high quality service and in my opinion is the absolute best! She's super awesome!!!
by Julie S. on Sep 16
Bobcat was great! She made me feel comfortable and did the work that has helped my body! I feel great after and am not having the tightness and pain I was experiencing!
by Pat H. on Sep 12
paid very close attention to the particular location where I had pain, and I saw improvement after my first visit
by Karen B. on Sep 09
I feel great!
by Marc S. on Sep 07
I almost always go in pretty out of whack and leave back in whack. She is very good at what she does.
by Crystal C. on Sep 07
Michelle is amazing! Working out kinks that have probably been there for years. Could totally get addicted to this therapy, love it!
by Anonymous on Sep 03
Great for athletic children.
by jon b. on Aug 31
I have gone to Michelle 3 times before my Spartan Race and I felt better after my Spartan Race than I have after any of the other races that I've done she is amazing
by Madison K. on Aug 26
Michelle is great! FST is helping me achieve my goal of running a marathon. She's also just a great person, it's a joy coming in to see you!
by Jenn C. on Aug 08
No matter what issue I'm having, Michelle always makes me feel better. She listens when I tell her what areas of my body hurt or are sore, she asks questions and then she focuses our session so that I can get the maximum benefit. I always feel better when I leave ... and more importantly, I feel even better the next day. Due to the FST sessions with Michelle, I'm able to do more and progress in my workouts. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants more than a "generic" massage. Her experience in her own personal training and fitness coaching makes her more attuned to her client's bodies. She is an exceptional massage/FST therapist!
by Afton N. on Jul 29
She just knows how to help in places you never thought would heal!
by Anonymous on Jul 26
Michelle is incredible and so skilled in her craft. I've been able to keep my body healthy while upping my training thanks to her.
by Sara L. on Jul 24
Love coming to see you and I feel like my hip has gotten so much better in just 3 visits. Definitely helpful while doing my half marathon training and keeps everything in order. Love getting the little massage on my upper body on days/weeks where I am carrying more stress in my shoulder and neck! I would recommher to anyone needing a massage or stretching any day!
by Floyd B. on Jul 22
My shoulder has not felt this good or had this much mobility since I rolled my collar bone 15 years ago.
by Marti C. on Jul 22
I love how Bobcat truly cares about her clients and their wellbeing.
by Maya J. on Jul 21
Bobcat is great and knowledgeable. So thankful for her!
by Michele B. on Jul 20
I've been to see Michelle twice now - and each time she has worked wonders on my shoulder. I can see a noticeable difference / improvement in my shoulder. Working with Michelle is relaxing and worth every minute & every penny. I'm comfortable to tell her everything that is happening with my body & she is responsive and respectful. Love her !
by Kim C. on Jul 18
Bobcat was amazing.
by Jacqueline S. on Jul 08
Bobcat really knows how to relieve the painful areas of your body and your tight muscles. She's a miracle worker!
by Leslie F. on Jul 08
She rocks! I have been to see a chiropractor and getting massages for pain and in 1 session I felt 100% better. Literally ran up and down the stairs without pain for the first time in months.
by Katy K. on Jul 08
Felt sooo much better leaving than I did when I first got there. Definitely returning and telling everyone about her. :D
by Shawn P. on Jun 28
Bobcat is the best. She can pinpoint the areas that need some work and helps work them out. She is a positive person and really puts her all into her work. I appreciate everything she does.
by Trish M. on Jun 10
Unbelievable job!
by Amber M. on Jun 08
One hour with Bobcat and I felt reconnected to my body! I loved every bit of it!
by Tommy A. on Jun 03
Even after two appointments, I I know that Bobcat is at miracle worker. I've noticed a complete change in my freedom of motion as soon as the session is complete - and it lasts! She's able to quickly identify trouble spots and work them out in just the right way.