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"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver" - Mahatma Gandhi


Massage is my passion. My goal is to help relieve the tension, aches and pains that come from everyday life. I love helping people feel better with my firm therapeutic touch. Give me 15 minutes to show you what we can achieve together.

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FL # MA75004


School of Healing Arts : California

Massage Therapy


Florida College of Natural Health: Bradenton, FL

Massage Therapy


Everglades Universtiy : Florida

Alternative Medicine



Accupressure focuses on acupoints which are specific points that lie along pathways (meridians) that are used in the treatment of disease and health maintenance. The effects of acupoints are far reaching, affecting both organ and function.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a great way to relieve muscle tension in the neck and shoulders in a shorter amount of time. Sitting in the chair opens up the neck and makes the shoulders more accessible to the therapist.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage uses deeper pressure and cross-fiber friction in order to release tissue that is adhered or in spasm. It is great for those deep, hard to get areas that are causing pain. It can be uncomfortable during the process but can bring great results of relief. (May cause bruising and soreness for a couple of days afterward)


Reflexology is a form of bodywork that involves applying pressure to the hands and feet to produce changes elsewhere in the body. The underlying theory behind reflexology is that there are certain points or "reflex areas" on the feet and hands that are connected energetically to specific organs and body parts through energy channels in the body. Applying pressure to reflex points may remove energy blockages promoting health in the related areas of the body.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage is a great way to get a deeper relaxing sensation in the muscles by improving circulation in very tense areas.


Superficial massage with slow and gliding strokes of light to medium pressure that will increase circulation and blood flow. Meant for relaxation and stress relief only.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are focal points within a taut band of muscle tissue that produce changes in the muscle, such as weakness, reduced range of motion and aching pain, that radiate away from the muscle that houses the trigger point. Trigger points account for a vast majority of chronic pain patients/clients experience. Trigger points can be palpated as discrete nodules within a taut band of muscle tissue.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Anonymous on Dec 25
Lori was awesome. I really enjoyed my massage and will be back this week for another.
by Hugo on Dec 21
very good.
by Jackie on Dec 03
My expectations were vastly exceeded. Lori is an excellent masseuse, I booked for a full back, neck and shoulder massage and explained briefly my issues and Lori quickly understood where to concentrate the massage. Her actual technique and application was excellent and she gave me a massage equal to the best I have had elsewhere (in expensive salons) and far better than a most. I look forward to more visits and treatments in the next few weeks whilst we are here whenever we visit the Red Barn.

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