Jeff Mahadeen

  • NH License #: 2176M
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The" go between approach" regarding Massage therapy and Physical Therapy

I have been studying manual therapy close to 20 years now. 

I specialize in problems with postural / muscle imbalances (neck pain, rounded shoulders, excessive curves of back, shoulder pain. hip pain, SI joint pain) and maladies that cause an excess of fibrous build-up (plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, whiplash syndrome, ITB syndrome to name a few).

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NH # 2176M

REVIEWS for my Wellness or Bodywork services

by Anonymous on Oct 19
Jeff is a genius at what he does. So many forms of healing are addressed in his work. I don’t think anyone would believe it if they did not experience it first hand.
by Anonymous on Oct 09
I wish I found Jeff sooner. Looking forward to future work with him.
by Susan on Sep 19
I thought Jeff was very professional and knowledgeable. My shoulder feels better already and I hope it stays that way. I think a therapeutic massage may well be better for me than other methods.
by Kurt on Sep 09
I will always go to jeff
by Anonymous on Jul 14
Jeff knows what he's doing.
by Tom on Mar 26
Jeff was very friendly and easy to talk to. Besides he’s a Steelers fan, how can I go wrong.
by Michelle on Mar 11
All good positive and full of information. Really enjoyed my experience and looking forward to future visits
by Matthew on Mar 07
He fixes me every time! The muscle whisperer...
by Mark on Mar 06
Jeff zeroed in on my issues and worked to provide immediate relief. I left with tips to begin correcting my posture and build muscle strength.
by Roderick on Feb 25
I had rotator surgery in October, and recovery has been a slog. No matter what exercises I did, I was not gaining back the range of motion that I wanted. Jeff was recommended to me by my physical therapist. Jeff skillfully worked on getting more of my muscles to release. It wasn’t pleasant, but the results were amazing. I have several more sessions scheduled with him, and am looking forward to gaining full range of motion back.

SPECIALTIES: Bodywork and Massage techniques I perform


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Bodywork & Massage

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