Jesse Locke

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  • Massage, CO #4588


  • Healing Spirits Massage Training Program


Bodywork & Massage

  • Chair Massage
  • Deep Tissue

Jesse Locke

We must take care of our bodies, it's where we live.

Jesse Locke

I have been working exclusively as a professional massage therapist since 2003. I combine strength with subtlety in my work, finding the right balance of deep pressure with energy work, or a nourishing, gentle touch depending on my client. It is gratifying to help people toward their own inner balance and health.

Having grown up in Boulder and with “Mountain” as my middle name, I identify with the stillness and vibrant quality of mountains and the natural worl...


Where I Work

Moving Mountains Massage  

1800 30th St, Boulder, CO 80301 Map it


Massage, CO # 4588



Healing Spirits Massage Training Program
Massage Therapy Training


Notable Experiences

Chair Massage
I work in a variety of locations to provide the highest quality, safe, effective chair massage in local businesses and offices in Boulder County. Chair massage is great for a "tune up" - especially good for sore muscles and pinched nerves - and for folks on the go. It is done in a public setting fully clothes and lasts usually 5 to 30 minutes.
Polarity Therapy
This modality compliments table massage and assists in grounding deep energetic work.
Table Massage
For relaxation, therapeutic, prenatal and sports-related injuries, I offer table massage in my Boulder office. Sessions run 30 minutes up to 2 hours, and usually are one to one and a half hours.
Specific Injury Treatment
This modality compliments sports injury treatment and can be included in table massage.
Prenatal and postpartum massage
The demands on a woman's body during pregnancy and after delivery are intense and regular massage can be extremely helpful in a faster recovery.