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  • Virginia College: Biloxi
  • Bond College


Bodywork & Massage

  • Trigger Point Therapy

Gary Addis

I hate neuromuscular pain

I have been many things in my life. Before becoming a trucker at 38 years old, I had been both laborer and manager; both successful businessman and welfare recipient; both a couch potato and a competitive bodybuilder. After 23 years of long-haul trucking, I retired from the road, graduated with Highest Honors (perfect 4.0 GPA) from college, and began a brand new career

Today, I am still more than one thing. I am a 65 year old husband and grandfather. Having experienced the accumulated aches a...


Where I Work

Gary AddisTherapeutic Massage  

141 Beachview Dr, Biloxi, MS 39531 Map it





Virginia College: Biloxi
AAS in Therapeutic Massage
Bond College
ABA in Accounting


Notable Experiences

If a client comes to me in pain, if the pain is due to myofascial trigger points or extreme hypertonicity in a muscle, the source will be located, and alleviated, usually in one session. If, however, stress relief / relaxation is what the client needs, my palpatory skills are up to the task. Many of my clients drift into a restful, invigorating sleep during the session.
A lifetime of learning
Every child is born curious, wanting to touch, to taste, to learn...wanting to know the why and the how of everything. Answers, when an adult is willing to provide them, are beyond the young mind's comprehension. So, the natural curiosity dies of starvation before the child enters first grade. One cannot educate an apathetic student. In the classroom and in Life they will do the minimum to "get by." I was blessed with above average intellect and thirsty for knowledge
A lifetime of learning (continued)
I discovered at a very young age that learning is its own reward. Returning to the classroom in my 60s, surrounded by 20-somethings , I excelled. I graduated summa cum laude (i.e., "with highest honors"), earning my second Associate Degree.
A lifetime of learning (continued)
My learning didn't begin and end with graduation, however. I have taken advantage of the resources available, often free of charge, on the World Wide Web. Today, at 65 years of age, I continue to feed my inner child's curiosity.
Continuing Eucation
In addition to my two years of classroom studies of anatomy, kinesesiology, pathology, in addition to various therapeutic massage and Eastern medicine modalities, I have informally studied Neuromuscular Therapy (AKA Trigger Point Therapy), Myofascial Release, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Soft Tissue Release, Ortho-bionomy--any modality that excites my curiosity, I embark on intensive study of it. Therefore, with no false modesty, I proclaim my Therapeutic Massage skillset to be exceptional.