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by Anonymous on Mar 13
Kevin is great and can really help with knowledge about our bodies and working on the trouble spots; like plantar faciatis, achilles heal shoulder pain...,,whatever is bothering you.
by Ron on Mar 10
Kevin is fixing issues I had just been tolerating, and he's great at explaining what's going on with the body and what behaviors and activities in life result in such issues.
by Shannon on Mar 08
Kevin has worked wonders on my repaired shoulder. I see increased range of motion and stiffness has decreased. He uses various techniques and is very knowledgeable. He is genuine and cares about the well-being of his clients.
by Melinda on Mar 07
Kevin is hands down the best massage therapist in Whatcom county. He spends time on the affected area and doesn't waste time on other areas that are not affected.
by Anonymous on Mar 06
Problem focused and resolved!!!
by Anonymous on Mar 03
I cannot thank Kevin enough. Ever. He is so caring and receptive, and he pays attention to how I'm feeling and where my pain is. I have never received a medical treatment massage that is more effective at healing my pain.
by Martin on Mar 02
I first came to Kevin several years ago on the recommendation of my doctor, for resolution of severe shoulder pain. Since then, he has helped identify and resolve many specific complaints. I always feel better and totally relaxed after my massages with Kevin. He instinctively and accurately diagnoses my muscle strain and tension issues, and has a remarkable memory for prior issues.
by JACKIE on Feb 06
He actually addressed my back, shoulder and neck issues. I like massages for relaxation but this one actually made my areas of tension and soreness feel better. It was a great massage.
by Anonymous on Jan 29
by Melinda on Jan 26
Kevin is the best massage person I have ever been to. I've had fibromyalgia for several years and other soft tissue issues. He targets the area of concern and addresses the tight muscles in a deep firm yet gentel way. Currently I'm in the midst of a severe Bell's Palsy incident (facial paralysis) and extraordinary headache. Kevin treated me and I noticed marked improvement immediately with my headache and speech. My family, friends and speech therapist also notice speech improvement. Trust me, Kevin knows his stuff! You won't be disappointed.

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