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  • Massage, LA #5859
  • Registered Nurse, # LA RN88589
  • RN-BC - Board Certified Ambulatory Registered Nurse, # 2012008748
  • CNOR - Certified Nurse Operating Room, # 1505667


  • Louisiana Tech University
  • Moore Career College


Bodywork & Massage

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Chair Massage
  • Mobile Massage
  • Other
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Raindrop Technique
  • Deep Tissue
  • Mobile Chair Massage
  • Medical Massage


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MaryAlice Tingle

I know you from the inside out.

Combining the art & science of nursing with the heart & soul of massage therapy to assist clients in achieving their greatest potential physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Massage Services About the Practitioner - Mary Alice Tingle, RN-BC, CNOR, LMT, BCTMB RN-BC (Registered Nurse-Board Certified) in Ambulatory Care CNOR (Certified periOperative Registered Nurse) LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) #5859 Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworker My Practice Philo... more

Where I Work

Uncommon Massage, LLC  

11015 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70810 Map it


Massage, LA # 5859
Registered Nurse, # LA RN88589
RN-BC - Board Certified Ambulatory Registered Nurse, # 2012008748
CNOR - Certified Nurse Operating Room, # 1505667



Louisiana Tech University
Nursing - Associate of Science
Moore Career College
Massage Therapy Curriculum


Notable Experiences

None listed

by Katie N. on Jan 20
Mat is always incorporating new techniques she learns about or ones that are specific to my problem areas that day. Inverting the table to keep my back stretched out during the massage was so smart and effective.
by Anonymous on Nov 07
I left feeling refreshed and my body felt much more relaxed.
by Anonymous on Oct 31
mat listens to what you want and targets areas. It's great everyone
by Lonnie M. on Sep 24
Everything was amazing.
by Carolyn F. on Sep 11
Mat is extremely well trained and very knowledgeable. I always have a great experience with each massage! ccc ccc ccc cccc
by Vicki P. on Sep 06
Relaxing sounds & scents with excellent, highly skilled massage techniques. Who could ask for anything more? A terrific, soothing experience.
by Vicki P. on Sep 06
Relaxing sounds & scents with excellent, highly skilled massage techniques. Who could ask for anything more? A terrific, soothing experience.
by Paul D. on Aug 25
Needs to get the office organized but in a transition so it's temporary. Technique excellent.
by Greg H. on Aug 13
best place in the city!
by Charlene E. on Jul 24
Knowledgeable and the best massage ever.
by Matthew B. on Jul 21
Fantastic work. Mary Alice knows a variety of techniques and knows how to combine them to concentrate on your individual specific needs. Highly recommend that you try her out.
by Anonymous on Jul 12
Very good massage.
by FLAVIA A. on May 25
Great experience every time!
by Ben H. on May 23
there are a couple of things that would make it better. next time I see you we will talk . ben
by Nikki G. on May 08
I've had many massages and this was my best yet. This is my new go-to massage place!
by Larry S. on Apr 28
Much more reliable than previous masseuse !!!! LOL
by Anonymous on Apr 19
Awesome all around!
by Vicky P. on Apr 13
Liked everything
by Kay F. on Apr 06
Fantastic therapist! Highly personable, great massage (reflexology) .. will def be returning. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
by Monice O. on Mar 30
MaryAlice knows exactly what points need to be worked to relieve pressure and pain. Thank you so much for helping my husband and me to feel better!
by Adryon F. on Mar 29
Everything was great!
by Anonymous on Mar 04
Great atmosphere, great experience, great massage therapist! MAT was attentive to all my problem areas, and open to suggestions. My only complaint, a little pricey.
by Lydia Y. on Mar 04
Nothing to dislike. Great total package.
by Stephanie L. on Feb 22
I LOVE that Mat has a "healing touch"... it is so far from a regular "massage". The entire experience is relaxing and more importantly, HEALING.
by Jamie K. on Jan 22
Mat, what a fantastic experience. Thank you!
by Sharon C. on Jan 19
After reading so many favorable reviews about Uncommon Massage and, in particular, MAT, I scheduled a session and thoroughly enjoyed the total experience . . . I am looking forward to my next session with MAT which I have already schedule -- see ya soon MAT !!
by Anonymous on Jan 13
Everything was great....keep up the good work!
by Dawn C. on Jan 09
Mary Alice explored all areas of my life to pinpoint my pain and needs. She was professional yet made me so comfortable I felt like she was a friend. She creates a relaxing atmosphere even though the tenant above her can be heard as this is an older building.
by Sandi L. on Dec 21
MAT is a great massage therapist and goes out of her way to take care of her client's needs. It is the most relaxing two hours on a Sunday that I have all day!
by Brad S. on Nov 25
She is the Best of the Best. The room setting is relaxing. Another perfect massage as always.
by Anonymous on Oct 12
I was very impressed
by Steven C. on Oct 04
The price was a bit steep from what I am used to, however, Mary made up for it with her professionalism, knowledge and skills. Will be a repeat customer soon.
by Tony B. on Aug 28
What I really liked about my appt. was that Mary Alice not only was a very good massage therapist but she also brought a level of medical expertise that was very re-assuring.
by Terry P. on Aug 26
No dislikes Mat is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Lori G. on Aug 20
After two major back surgeries, it's wonderful to have somewhere that you can further your healing process passed the physical therapy.
by Anonymous on Aug 05
I had a GREAT EXPERIENCE with the reflexology foot massage! It soothed my mind and gave me increased energy to complete my day's work. Uncommon Massage provided a relaxing environment and MaryAlice is undoubtedly a highly skilled body-worker. I will do this again and I highly recommend the reflexology massage as a terrific experience.
by Karen S. on Jul 23
The time spent with me prior (to truly understand why I came) and after (making sure those needs were met and what/if anything could have been better) is something I have not found in a SINGLE other experience elsewhere (locally or in other states) and I am no stranger to a massage. ???? That attention to detail and assessment is not only a game changer in regard to the ending result; but, it also highlights how she values her clients and not the money the clients bring in. There are so many places focused on the revolving door, in an attempt to get as many in and out as possible to collect as much payment as possible. Here the client is the highest priority.
by Carolyn C. on Jul 10
Great Experience
by Anonymous on Jun 26
Thanks for making me feel better and working around my schedule!!
by rebecca b. on Jun 25
Very professional and credentialed. Compared to the other massages I have gotten at other places, it was mediocre. The ambiance was great, the products were great. I'm not used to having to repeatedly ask over and over again for more and more pressure. Aw was very focused on the areas I asked to be worked on, just not enough pressure at all. It just felt like I was just being rubbed with oil and that's it. I had to take some pain reliever after my massage bc I still felt so bad after and felt zero relief. It was relaxing, but I didn't each the goals I came in for. I know I can be a very picky client, and an hour on upper body can be monotonous and boring for the therapist, but I shouldn't have had to repeatedly ask for deeper pressure more than once or twice. I did love the fountain and decor and the awesome cherry pit neck wrap afterwards. Upon checkout I wasn't offered a water or anything. I did enjoy my overall experience and would give it another shot but probably for 30mins focused work with deep tissue.
by Karen F. on Jun 16
The waterfall in the room was very nice. I could not hear any outside noise. MAT is very skillful and quiet. I was very relaxed at the end of the hour
by Ken S. on May 31
MAT is a skilled professional.
by Joyce E. on May 29
I love everything about this place
by Diane C. on May 15
I had a massage of my neck and back. I had several tender points that were worked and felt so much better afterward. i had not had a massage in a while but will try to get one more frequently to keep the knots worked out!
by Rachel R. on May 12
MAT is very competent and very aware of the needs of her clients!
by LeAnne W. on Apr 30
Mary Alice performs magic.
by Kurt O. on Apr 27
Can do without waterfall
by Anonymous on Apr 23
Very professional and relaxed atmosphere. After one hour, I feel healed from stress and tension that accumulates in my muscles. I have had many massages over the years and this is top rated in my books!
by Rebecca B. on Apr 15
By far the best massage I have ever gotten! MAT is very knowledgeable, comforting, and sweet. I finally found the perfect, blissful place!
by Kisha R. on Mar 06
This is the best massage that I have ever had. Mary was very friendly and kept it professional. She is gifted at what she does. I am looking forward to my next massage in a month. Count me as a faithful and loyal customer; or should I say "Friend." Trust me you haven't experience a real massage until you have had a massage by Mary. She is wonderful! 5 stars!
by Anonymous on Mar 03
I had a great experience at The Uncommon Massage. I will definitely let all my fiends know about it and will go back for sure.
by Laura P. on Mar 01
My hip and shoulder pain was relieved for a while. Very good results. Thank you. Even though the fragrance during the massage did not trigger a migraine, I found it to be a little overwhelming (I think I have a hyper-sensitive sniffer). Maybe less fragrance in the sheets, since the massage oil probably comes with the aroma mixed in. It was good to have the pain relieved for the day.
by Anonymous on Feb 11
Mat discussed my medical history with me to ensure a safe, healthy massage. I felt very comfortable and my back is feeling so much better. She was very thorough and I can't wait for my next appointment.
by Carol T. on Feb 05
Great experience!
by Scott G. on Feb 01
Great experience and also very relaxing!
by Chaise T. on Jan 24
I recommend Mary Alice to everyone, she really is amazing, very professional, from start to finish, u just have go see her and find out for yourself, trust me you will go back.
by Brian R. on Jan 21
Matt does incredible, careful work. Very thorough.
by Dennis L. on Jan 21
MAT very receptive to my input. She was very thorough. And she resolved a muscle spasm in my shoulder. Very professional.
by Anonymous on Dec 31
One of the best massages I have ever had! Mat first spent time learning about my medical history and concerns. I definitely see the value of her experience as an RN. I had back surgery several years ago, and she did an amazing job ensuring she used the just right pressure. The hour and half massage lasted the whole time, since she doesn't count the introduction against the massage definitely don't get that benefit at other places. The room was very calming, with a fountain and calming music. Overall, a wonderful relaxing experience!
by Nicole B. on Dec 14
She took time to discuss what I wanted and I felt like she really tries hard to personalize the experience. I didn't feel rushed in or out.
by Anonymous on Dec 09
Very professional and very relaxing at the same time. The intake interview was excellent and Mary Alice listened to all my concerns and requirements. What a workout! Feel so much better today! First time was impressive.
by Anonymous on Dec 09
Very professional and very relaxing at the same time. The intake interview was excellent and Mary Alice listened to all my concerns and requirements. What a workout! Feel so much better today! First time was impressive.
by Catherine R. on Nov 18
I had a wonderful experience. MaryAlice was very easy to relate to during the intake and interview process. The massage has greatly reduced my pain and Mat was very attentive to feedback and comments I would make during the massage. I look forward to my next appointment.
by Janet K. on Nov 16
From the minute you step in the door, 'Mat' treats you with her full attention. She takes time to listen to your needs, so that she can provide the best massage for you. The massage room is perfectly set up to provide the greatest massage experience possible. I highly recommend her!
by Stephanie L. on Nov 03
I love everything about Mat and her business! I've never (in my 46 + years) been so comfortable. Mat has the TRUE POWER OF HEALING. She is amazing. Stephanie Lee
by Anonymous on Nov 01
Mat was very friendly and professional. She went over my paperwork with me but filled it out herself according to my input which was a nice little bonus. She also did a FULL hour and a half, not including undressing/dressing and consultation. She also let me know when I had 5 minutes left so that if there was anyplace that needed attention I could let her know. Very professional but an excellent bedside manner
by Brad S. on Sep 20
Will keep using her for the rest of my life
by Anonymous on Sep 11
I loved that the room the massage took place in felt like "home".
by Lonnie M. on Sep 05
Liked absolutely everything.
by Melissa F. on Sep 01
It was an incredible massage!
by Anonymous on Aug 28
Great massage therapist who asks questions to determine what you like and don't like, the amount of pressure to use and what your goals or trouble areas are. So many massage therapists just want to lightly rub oil on you for an hour. But Mary Alice will definitely get in there and work the kinks out!!!
by Anonymous on Aug 23
It was great she made sure I was comfortable and focused on the areas of my body that I had asked her to. Definitely will be going back.
by Brian A. on Aug 04
Very good communication discussing my expectations beforehand and then during to make sure they were being met. Extremely skillful at deep tissue without causing soreness afterward.
by Christine W. on Jul 11
Best massage ever! Very relaxing and eliminated my tight muscles. Highly recommend.
by Terry P. on Jun 17
by Justin A. on Jun 15
Will definitely be back. Wonderful experience.
by Luther F. on Jun 14
Like: Therapist is able to change technique quickly based on muscle responses to provide client with optimum relaxation. Able to sleep comfortably and uninterrupted for the week following the treatment. Dislike: Not enough time for all issues.
by Monice O. on May 31
by Monice O. on May 31
by Monice O. on May 31
by Anonymous on May 21
by kristel w. on May 17
by kristel w. on May 17
by kristel w. on May 17
by Dianne Q. on May 17
I had a wonderful massage. Mary Alice Tingle was very friendly and responsive to my needs as soon as I let her know for example: if I was too hot or cold or if the area she was working on was tender or sensitive. She was very considerate about trying to keep from getting massage oil in my hair by using a towel under my head when she was working on my neck. The hour and a half seemed like it was over in 15 minutes.
by Yuri V. on May 12
Mat was extremely friendly, welcoming and very professional. I felt right at home, and very comfortable. I would highly recommend her massages to any athletes, those who work a lot, if you're stressed or have pain anywhere, then get a massage! You will feel refreshed!
by Anonymous on May 12
by Missy J. on May 07
by Rob H. on May 01
I have severe arm and elbow pain, Mat was able to remove most of the pain.
by Gayle C. on Apr 30
by Sharon F. on Apr 28
Mary Alice is the best massage therapist! Her spa is wonderful and relaxing. I highly recommend The Uncommon massage!
by Nicholas D. on Apr 25
by Brittany B. on Apr 24
MaryAlice was amazing! I have received many full body massages; however, none have come close to this! My full body was just that, an actual full body massage! MaryAlice massaged my head, face, and fingers…all things that I had never received in any other full body massage. She truly exceeded my expectations by far! I cannot wait for my next one!
by Carolyn F. on Apr 17
by Shantrice H. on Apr 09
by Anonymous on Mar 25
by jon d. on Mar 21
by Buttins B. on Mar 19
by Lana B. on Mar 14
by Joan N. on Mar 13
by Carol T. on Mar 07
by Lindy R. on Mar 07
by Anonymous on Feb 22
by Melissa W. on Feb 12
by Amanda B. on Jan 25