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Recreate yourself

I am a massage therapist who never stops learning. It is the reason why my session is unique and enriched with my special touch; a result of all techniques that I have learned in my career.

Under my holistic vision, I see you as a whole person and I believe that  you can be considered healthy when is in balance with your body, mind and spirit.

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NJ # 18KT00185100


Anthem Institute: Jersey City

Massage and Body Work Therapy


Academy of Natural Health Sciences

Medical Massage


Academy of Natural Health Sciences

Reiki I & II


The Institute For Therapeutic Massage

Massage Masters


Summit Professional Education

Kinesiology Taping and Manual Therapy


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Hospital-Based Massage Therapy for Seriously Ill Patients


The Institute for Therapeutic Massage

Working With Oncology Patients


Elite Continuing Education

Orthopedic Massage for Cervical Conditions and Low Back and Hip Pain


Cross Country Education, LLC

Deep Tissue Through Light Touch


Graston Technique LLC

Graston Technique


Academy of Natural Health Sciences

The Myofascial Release Massage by Howard Rontal


North Jersey Massage Training Center

Mastectomy Massage by Cheryl Chapman


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue is a modality of massage that works applying more pressure and reaching deep layers of muscles. Many clients ask for Deep Tissue, but they don't support too much pressure and others ask for more and more pressure, because they have the wrong and oldest concept : " No pain, no gain". Deep Tissue is used for chroniques pain, tightness and helps break up scar tissues. I would like clarify that Deep Tissue is much more than forearms and elbows pushing hard. There are much more techniques to be used, inclusive Myofascial Release (see my description) that can reach deep layers. I worked for 5 years doind Deep Tissue massages and with my Continuing Education and my practic I created my Deep Tissue style. If you expect that I push hard like I will break your bones, don't book a Deep Tissue massage with me.


Neuromuscular Therapy or Trigger Point Therapy is a effective and specific technique that alleviates severe pain and chronic muscular pain. It is a combination of soft tissue treatment with stretches and trigger points treatment to eliminate pain. Trigger Points cause ischemia (less blood supply on the area) and pain sometimes where the Trigger Point is located and sometimes refer pain.Also they can cause numbness, tingling, stiffness. People who have a computer job or a profession that overuse muscles as a hairstylist, a baseball player and don't do stretches regularly suffer pain and have Trigger Points on neck and shoulders areas, but TP can found on all body. I have a ample experience working with Trigger Point, see my education also.


Swedish Massage is the most relaxation modalitie, using a light to medium pressure and long and nerve strokes. It improves circulation, immune system and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Simgle sessions are very effective, but I like use Swedish Massage techniques mixed with others modalities.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a technique that applies gentle sustained pressure on the connective tissue called fascia. This tissue, fascia, envolves muscles, organs, ligaments and is a viscuous tissue. We have this tissue covering our body from head to toes and traumas, surgeries and inflamatory responses produces tensile pressure decreasing flexibility and ROM. This technique is applied directly to skin without lotion or oil and I like use it before a Deep Tissue Massage or when I can't pull the skin. After the session the client feel like " untied" and can experiment a difference and his posture and ROM.

REVIEWS for my Bodywork services

by Anonymous on Jul 11
You couldn't be in better hands!
by William on May 26
Very Professional, Excellent Work, very please, I recommend Alice 100%
by Eliane on May 19
Alice knows what she is doing. Her gentle touch not only feels great, it knows where to go and how to get the greatest effect. Her method is truly therapeutic. EJ
by Anonymous on May 04
Alice is just terrific Highly recommend
by Anonymous on Apr 30
The best massage ever!
by Miriam on Apr 27
Very nice massage in a nice environment. Very relaxing and therapeutic
by Anonymous on Apr 17
This was one of the most relaxing and best massages I have every received. I will absolutely be booking another session with Alice soon.
by Anonymous on Mar 26
An amazing experience!
by Anonymous on Mar 20
amazing therapist
by Anonymous on Nov 25
Very calming environment. Alice seems to genuinely care about her patients wellness.

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