Kirsten (Stan) Kern

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Kirsten (Stan) Kern

Tierra mi cuerpo, Agua mi sangre, Viento mi aire, Fuego mi espirtu.

Kirsten Kern, PhD, LMTI
Texas Healing Arts Co-Owner and Director, CMT Instructor

Why Clients come to see Dr. Kern:

Clients seek Dr. Kern's bodywork for its unique blend of science-based knowledge, intuition, compassion, and humor. Clients do not receive a typical relaxation massage; instead, they receive the work that releases the myofascia and Trigger Points causing the discomfort and pain.   Maya Abdomial Massage brings to her bodywork a tool that addresses digestive, ...


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Massage, TX # LMT14431



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Notable Experiences

Dr. Kern, known by her nickname "Stan," is a Clinical Massage Therapy Instructor and a certified Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy Practitioner and Self-Care Instructor (ATMAT). She founded Texas Healing Arts Institute School of Massage (THAI) in 1997, and she designed and taught the first Clinical Massage Therapy Program in Texas in 2005. She has taught ATMAT Self-Care since 2006. Currently, she teaches continuing education workshops in advanced clinical techniques and Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.