Rosita Alvarez

Elegant solutions for positive change!

Stressed out families, individuals and children of all ages find Rosita Alvarez deeply nourishes them physically, emotionally, spiritually and metaphysically. 

She enjoys being a part of removing the "OW" out of life and relationships and bringing back in the awe and wonder as a compassionate healer practicing Resonance Repatterning for over 17 years.

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TX # 128186


A New Beginning School of Massage: Austin



Resnance Repatterning Institute

Level 1 Practitioner, Student Practitioner


University Of Texas Austin


REVIEWS for my Bodywork, Coaching, or Counseling services

by Anonymous on Oct 08
We love Rosita! She is an angel, very gifted and has been instrumental in our healing process.
by Anonymous on Jul 02
Rosita amazes me every time I see her! She knows where to work and what I need.
by Camny on Jun 28
I am always amazed at how intuitive Rosita is. I get SO much out of every session! She makes me really look forward to the next appointment. Rosita is truly gifted. I love here dearly!
by Tracey on Mar 16
Rosita is the best! She is able to tap in to areas of your life that caused energy blockages. She is able to guide you through letting go of what is not serving you and keeping what is. This is true healing down to the core. I highly recommend Rosita.
by Anonymous on Mar 09
This was the most effective therapeutic session that I have ever experienced. Rosita's gentle approach and kind eyes made it easy for me to feel safe. I will highly recommend her to anyone that I come across that is seeking help for various issues.
by Anonymous on Dec 16
Thoroughly enjoyed our consultation Not only do you helps put words to do many things but provide relief and solutions.. will continue to work with you as long as I can
by Anonymous on Dec 14
I did not know what to expect. She was very easy to talk to, had answers to my questions/ or appropriate responses, and offered advice in areas I could really use it. I like how this (Repatterning) really encouraged me to start making changes & holds me accountable.
by Darla on Nov 26
I am already feeling immensely better overall and my boyfriend has noticed a difference as well. Now im going to start recommending her like crazy because one appointment has already changed my life
by Beth on Nov 17
I was blown away! Rosita is very intuitive. The process is amazing. I will definitely go back to her.
by Anonymous on Oct 13
Rosita is amazing !

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