Mocha-Mystique Butkovich


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  • Massage, CO #0004490
  • Certified Rossiter Coach, # 211062


  • Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado


Bodywork & Massage

  • Rossiter Systems Technique
  • Other
  • Swedish Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Mobile Chair Massage


  • Detoxification


  • Foam Rolling

Mocha-Mystique Butkovich

Educate, Inspire, Motivate. Give to the Heart. Play with the Mind. Balance the Soul

I, Mocha-Mystique Butkovich, am a certified massage therapist. I have had my own practice since 1998.

My life mission is to educate, inspire and motivate. I do this through the power of healing touch.

I began my studies at The Massage Therapy Institute in Denver, CO. The Massage Therapy Institute program provides 1,000 hours of education. This is double the time most programs demand. My massage certifications include Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Neuromuscular therapies.

My combined skills have enab...


Where I Work


Massage, CO # 0004490
Certified Rossiter Coach, # 211062



Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado
Integrative Massage


Notable Experiences

The Rossiter System® of Workouts
Units 1-4
Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.
9 Contact Hours: Pranic Crystal Healing Course Instructor: Master Stephen CO American Institute of Asian Studies, LLC
Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.
14 Contact Hours: Basic Pranic Healing Course Instructor: Master Stephen CO American Institute of Asian Studies, LLC
INR Continuing Education
6 Contact Hours: Food Addiction, Obesity & Diabetes
Institute for Inner Studies, Inc
9 Contact Hours: Psychic Self-Defense Instructor: Master Stephen CO American Institute of Asian Studies, LLC
by Mark S. on Jan 15
A great massage. She is caring, knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. The atmosphere is pleasant, and my time was very comfortable. I will be back
by Michelle G. on Jan 15
I liked Mocha! Great personality, well informed, clear communication. The calm and strength I came away with was like and antidote to the fright that has occurred in the hospital/doctors office. Thanks Mocha!
by Leah C. on Jan 08
Mocha was delightful to work with, and her application of the Rossiter technique provided immediate relief of my back pain. I was very impressed.
by Jon S. on Dec 31
Mocha has serious talent as a massage therapist!
by David L. on Dec 27
I feel like a new person she has done wonders for me when no one else could
by Sarah K. on Dec 13
What you did for me was truly remarkable!
by Jeff K. on Nov 27
Mocha is one of the most skilled massage therapist I have found in Colorado. I would highly recommend her. She has an amazing gift.
by Priscilla P. on Nov 16
I have so much fun with Mocha! She is so knowledgeable and welcoming. Both times that I've seen her, I've left feeling relief from pain in my back as well as empowerment in strengthening my posture.
by Randy S. on Oct 27
I liked that you took the time to work on the problem, and didnt have just an all around routine and shuffled me out the door.
by Patty S. on Oct 25
I love Mocha's ability to find "that spot" that I didn't even know I had that was a problem. EVERYTIME I leave I feel like a new person. She is amazing.
by Sasha P. on Oct 25
Mocha listened to all my concerns and addressed all of them. I left very relaxed and feeling wonderful!
by Scott C. on Oct 15
by Anonymous on Oct 13
Great experience from a gifted and practical healer!!! Look forward to working more with Mocha and the Rossiter method.
by Afsaneh M. on Oct 04
The massage was amazing. I felt real relaxed. Mocha was professional and skillful.
by Katherine M. on Oct 02
I walked in having chronic shoulder, arm, and hand pain and left feeling like I was given new and improved body parts!
by Teressa S. on Sep 29
Mocha does an amazing massage. I have been going to her for over 10 years.
by Mary Jane W. on Sep 15
Had a great experience. Came in with significant elbow pain and left with none. Mocha is very compassionate and professional and I've recommended her to friends and family already after only one session. Will definitely be going back regularly.
by Lisa W. on Sep 13
Best and most effective massage I have ever had in my life!
by Joseph P. on Sep 08
Make no mistake, Mocha has studied and knows her stuff really well. I have sent her some select people and they say very positive things also.
by Anonymous on Sep 03
The best massage therapist! ????
by Susanne . on Sep 03
Nice to meet you and to experience Rossiter. I was very tired after the session, but had not pain or discomfort the next day and still feel more flexible than normal. Thanks. I look forward to doing this more often. Susanne
by Melissa K. on Aug 30
Absolutely amazing! Mocha's touch is perfect! She tunes in to the body's needs and works her magic to make everything better! Her office space feels SO good. The energy is calming and facilitates healing. You could be so lucky to have her healing touch in your life!
by Anonymous on Aug 30
It was great!
by Lindsey D. on Aug 24
Mocha is simply the best massage and rossiter specialist.
by Anonymous on Aug 22
Best massage I have ever had. Worked on many troublesome spots and was able to relieve much of the tightness. Highly recommend
by Charis C. on Aug 21
Attentive, thorough, intuitive, and worked intelligently on the issues I was experiencing.
by Patricia E. on Aug 16
I like that she addressed the problems right away and did not move on until I was satisfied. Plan of treatment for future visits. I still have more to learn about her, but she impressed me enough to return.
by Anonymous on Aug 13
Felt good when I got up this morning. Will call you Monday to schedule another visit.
by John E. on Aug 06
I haven't felt this good in a long time. I will continue to use her services from now on. I highly recommend her.
by Sean R. on Jul 21
Mocha did a great job answering my questions and was receptive with my feedback.
by Calvin H. on May 15
The rossiter stretches really helped with my back pain!
by Malcolm B. on May 12
Hands down the best hands in the business. Her knowledge and understanding of massage therapy is un-parallel . You will never leave a session disappointed.
by Ron A. on Apr 27
Fantastic massage. Mocha is very knowledgeable and skilled. Cares about clients overall health.
by Ryan G. on Apr 26
This was my first experience with rossiter, my only disappointment was not finding Mocha sooner! The results are amazing, ive really increased flexibility in an old achilles injury, and she also helped relieve some tension in my neck / shoulders that was giving me stress headaches.
by Paula H. on Apr 01
Meeting Mocha completely by chance at a pumpkin festival was a blessing. She is quite possibly the best massage therapist I have ever been to, she is professional and gifted. I am looking forward to a long long relationship.
by Edward H. on Mar 30
The Skill and knowledge Mocha has to know what is going on with my body
by Becky J. on Mar 22
Mocha created an immediate increase in my range of motion in my neck. She understands pressure points and the body! This was one of the best messages I have experienced!
by Susan l. on Feb 27
I have had a few messages in my life and the one I got from Mocha was the best she was not scared to really get in there and work my musles. I don't think I will ever go to anybody else ever again.
by Greg A. on Feb 23
Awesome. Simply the Best!
by Harlan S. on Feb 19
overall very relaxing
by Anonymous on Feb 15
Wow, one of the best if not THE best massages I've ever had. Thank you very much, will be passing your name on to others.
by Patti E. on Feb 02
I love my massages with Mocha. They always leave me feeling relaxed. She does such a great job reducing all my aches and pains.
by Anonymous on Feb 01
I had a really good massage experience with Mocha. I appreciated the time she took to explain the options to address specific parts of my body in need of massage therapy. Specifically, Mocha allowed me to experience examples of the Rossiter System and the benefits for targeting specific muscule aches. Thanks to Mocha, I am now more knowledgable about trouble areas and options to recover more quickly from aching muscles. Thanks Mocha!
by Will H. on Jan 31
Thank u !
by Sharon K. on Jan 31
I appreciate her knowledge on different techniqes to try instead of having surgery for carpal tunnel. I'm excited because i felt good after i left my 1st session of Rossiter.
by Bryan K. on Jan 20
As a different type of therapy to help stretch still and problem areas, Mocha is very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend her anytime.
by Rebecca D. on Jan 10
I have pain in my shoulder from sitting at a computer all day. One Rossiter session with Mocha helped to alleviate the pain. She's fantastic.
by greg r. on Jan 03
Mocha has Been gifted to do massages , probably top 3 massage over the last 14 years ... Thanx Mocha
by Kathy S. on Dec 20
I loved the massage all the way. She is amazing.
by Kristi B. on Dec 20
Mocha is VERY personable and listens to my needs... And my complaining! :)
by Alicia W. on Nov 29
Thank you for the extra 30 minutes to step on me! Who know stepping on the top of my left leg would help my back.
by Alicia W. on Nov 29
Thank you for the extra 30 minutes to step on me! Who know stepping on the top of my left leg would help my back.
by sherlyn T. on Nov 15
Awesome as usual. Thanks Mocha
by Nathan D. on Nov 12
Ive been jumping around from therapist to therapist trying to find someone that could ease chronic areas. After visiting you I finally feel release of those nasty tight spots. I can honistly say I haven't felt this in almost two years.
by Cory M. on Nov 11
????Just what the Doctor ordered.????
by Keith S. on Nov 11
Mocha is intuitive, knowledgeable, strong hands and just a wonderful person! Thank you!!!
by Anonymous on Nov 09
Finally getting relief for my next rositer is the best
by Jeff K. on Nov 08
Best massage I have ever experienced. Mocha really knows how to key in our your problem areas and provide relief. I will highly recommend her service.
by Jennifer H. on Nov 05
Mocha did a great job! I highly recommend her for massage.
by Patty S. on Oct 14
The massage was amazing! Mocha is so full of information. Love her!
by Catherine D. on Sep 24
Absolutely love the range of motion I gain following Mocha's sessions!
by Catherine D. on Sep 24
Absolutely love the range of motion I gain following Mocha's sessions!
by Sasha P. on Sep 17
Loved everything!
by Joseph P. on Sep 02
So relaxed I feel asleep at 11:15 AM during massage :-)
by Brenda N. on Aug 31
I have tried many massage therapists in the past, without fail Mocha provides the best deep tissue massage. Her knowledge base about the body is great.
by Lindsey D. on Aug 18
Best massage I've EVER had!
by Teressa S. on Aug 16
Mocha did an extra amount of work on me yesterday...I needed it! I am a little stiff, but my back feels much looser today...YEA!!! Another exceptional massage!