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  • Massage, FL #MA45176
  • Physical Education Teacher, # Brazil/Brasilia


  • Florida School of Massage


Bodywork & Massage

  • Mobile Deep Tissue
  • Mobile Shiatsu

Alfredo Massage

Massage Therapy is an effective healing methodology to the body and mind!!

Alfredo Massage has been working in the field of Massage Therapy, Physical Education, Martial Arts (Judo/BJJ), Yoga, Tai Chi Chen Style and Bodywork all together for over 30 years. Alfredo is a serious professional Massage Therapist that primarily seeks through its techniques an integration over three important points. Client request and needs, Massage Technique and  MassageTherapist knowledge and will to accomplish beneficial results.
 Alfredo found out that clients mostly enjoy, require and ...


Massage, FL # MA45176
Physical Education Teacher, # Brazil/Brasilia



Florida School of Massage
Massage Therapy


Notable Experiences

Physical Education Teacher/ Judo/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt/Yoga and Tai Chi Chen Practitioner.
Since the age of 12 years old l have been involved with Physical Actiivities. I start my Athlete career in Judo/BJJ at the age of 12 years old. And practicing Ayangar Yoga for 30 years. l graduated from college in 1979 as Physical Education Teacher and worked as one for 14 years in the Brazilian public schools teaching physical education and martial arts. My career in massage did start earlier on before going to Florida School of Massage. At the time as a teen ager in Judo Academy in Brazil l learned the Shiatsu massage technique from my Judo master which later inspired me to enroll at Florida School of Massage. As a Judo athlete l conquered many competition Judo title in Brazil and abroad. l have been practicing professional massage since my massage graduation in 2005 at Florida School of Massage. Still teaching Judo/BJJ at Gainesville Dojo where l have been learning and training the Tai Chi Chen modality for 6 years which is very helpful in terms of body posture and body realignment. l got my Florida Massage License in 2005 and renewed for another 4 times.