Iaomai offers private massage therapy, Thai yoga massage and yoga therapy services for your personal healing & wellbeing.

Iaomai is the Greek word for healing. And, if we are honest, we all need healing. For some, it’s physical healing. For others, it’s the need to quiet a busy mind. Yet for others, it’s making peace with the inevitable wounds of life.

Iaomai in Greek goes beyond limiting healing to any one aspect of our being. It is more than just physical health, mental stability or emotional wellbeing. Iaomai knows healing is interconnected, acknowledging that each aspect of our wellbeing affects the others. We know this to be true: physical illness can lead to depression; mental stress may contribute to anxiety or panic attacks; grief may manifest physically or mentally in loss of activity, change in appetite or fear of the future.

The healing conveyed by Iaomai is health in every aspect of our being. Wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. Wholeness. Completeness.

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