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With MassageBook, experience unparalleled ease in scheduling, superior client retention capabilities, and significant revenue growth opportunities - your complete solution for expanding your practice.

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Streamline your operations with MassageBook’s massage therapy software.

Streamline operations

Boost your productivity with MassageBook’s massage therapy software.

Boost your productivity

Obtain and retain more clients with MassageBook’s massage therapy software.

Get and keep more clients

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Essential Tools for a Thriving Practice

Digital SOAP Notes

Imagine jotting down pro-quality SOAP notes after every appointment, even when you’re on the go with just your phone. No more fumbling around or searching for them because they’re always in the right place.

Our paperless, automated system will save you loads of time and keep your valuable documents perfectly organized and just a few clicks away!

MassageBook’s massage therapy software offers a digital SOAP notes feature for massage practices.

MassageBook’s massage therapy software offers custom intake forms for massage practices. Custom Intake Forms

Intake forms are indispensable, but let’s face it: they can be a pain. We’ve got the remedy.

Envision a scenario where your clients complete their intake forms before even stepping into your massage room. You’ve designed these forms, tailoring each question to your practice’s unique needs. No more awkward waits, no more hurried scribbles.

And here’s the kicker: each time a client fills out your custom intake form, MassageBook’s system scans for any potential red flags – be it contraindications or medications. So, not only are you informed, but you’re also always prepared to offer the safest and most effective massage experience.

MassageBook’s massage therapy software offers online scheduling and booking features for massage practices

MassageBook’s massage therapy software offers marketing features for massage practices. Online Booking

Picture this: your entire day’s schedule, neatly organized, and always updated, right at your fingertips.

No more juggling between apps or scribbling down notes. You should be kneading tense muscles, not navigating a maze of scattered appointments.

That’s where MassageBook steps in.

We’ve streamlined the scheduling process to ensure that you spend less time coordinating and more time connecting with your clients. Our intuitive system is a breeze to master, and before you know it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

And here’s a treat: with our Google Calendar Sync, every event from your other calendars gets effortlessly integrated into your MassageBook calendar. One glance, and you’ve got the full picture of your day.


Marketing Promotions

If you’ve been looking for ways to attract new clients and get your existing ones booking more often, you’re in good company – most businesses have the same sticky problem.

The answer? MassageBook Promotions.

Quickly create deals for any combination of services, time, staff or even gift certificates and promote them across email, social media, the MassageBook Directory, and any other website.


Seamless Onboarding
with Dedicated Support

Embarking on a new software journey? We’re right by your side.

  • Personal Onboarding Specialist: Jumpstart your MassageBook experience with a specialist devoted to your smooth transition.

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials: Explore each feature with clear, in-depth videos.

  • Integration Guides: Switching from pen & paper or another platform? We've got the roadmap.

  • Responsive Support Team: Real people ready to answer your queries at every step.

  • Monthly Masterclasses: Deepen your knowledge and boost your practice's growth.

MassageBook offers a mobile app version of their massage therapy software that you can use while on the go.

Manage On-the-Go with MassageBook Manager

Stay in control, even during your busiest moments.

With MassageBook Manager, your practice is always at your fingertips. Whether you’re juggling back-to-back appointments or just need to check in, all it takes is a tap on your phone to handle daily tasks with ease.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

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