It's the Water!

The WellSprings is a 30+ acre natural hot springs spa and events center located 2.5 miles from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

The WellSprings spa, event facilities and gardens offer a healing environment to relax, enjoy and gather. Home to the Health Research Institute, a non-profit sponsoring educational, botanical and environmental restoration projects, WellSprings is dedicated to promoting optimal human and environmental health.

Revered for centuries by First Nation tribes as a ceremonial and birthing site, the warm artesian waters on the shores of Bear Creek were dedicated by Eugenia Jackson in 1862 to “natatorium and sanitarium purposes.” Renowned for its healing mineral waters at the turn of the Twentieth Century, Jackson Hot Springs was one of several mineral spring developments that attracted thousands each year to Ashland to “partake of the waters.”  One hundred years after opening its doors to the public, the warm artesian springs continue to offer relaxation and rejuvenation to Rogue Valley residents, Shakespeare enthusiasts, and visitors traveling the I-5 corridor.

 WellSprings’ Olympic-sized swimming pool receives 80,000 gallons daily of naturally alkaline, mineral water. Situated in an oasis garden setting, the spa facility is equipped with warm water soaking pool, private tubs, steam room, and sauna.  Revitalizing massage and warm water therapies and organic gardens complete the prescription for health and vitality.  WellSprings offers a variety of accommodations, including tent and car camping, teepees, and an RV Park.

WellSprings is transforming into an education and healing center and eco-resort, replete with daily classes and weekend workshops that encourage optimum human health and cultivate one’s interconnectedness with Self and Nature.  WellSprings staff, residents, and volunteers are committed to optimizing the property’s gardens and water features and to enhancing the facility’s healing modalities.  We invite you to “partake of the waters” at Ashland’s oldest, up-and-coming eco-resort and wellness center.


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