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Stress Waived Massage-Pain Reducing

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ADDLife, Reduce pain, LIVE Happy

Here at Stress Waived, we concentrate on ONE thing: Pain Relief

Addlife to your day with massage therapy

We provide pain relief through high quality, professional and customized massage therapy sessions.

My name is Deborah, a licensed Massage therapist and owner of Stress Waived-Pain Reducers Massage Therapy. I have been licensed since 1990 graduating from Seattle Massage School, Washington state.

A while ago I heard that over 60% of adults experience some kind of back pain.  IT does NOT have to be this way.

I specialize in massage techniques to reduce and rid patients of pain, back, neck which I love most. I take pride in learning new skills and becoming more knowledgeable allowing me to use a variety of techniques tailoring them to meet your specific needs.  We don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” full body routines. Alternatively, we develop a SPECIFIC therapy treatment plan that improves your unique situation/condition.

There are many reasons for pain, muscles are the culprit the majority of the time.  I find many of my patients dismiss this possibility until I am a lost resort.  Muscles can create imbalances brought on by injuries, accidents, bad posture, too much sitting and chores are just the start. Come back to a world where life is manageable and fun.

I am sure you have heard the definition of insanity--It's not just about the brain and thoughts. your habits need to change if you want to get out of pain. Repeating old habits/postures/etc and expecting different results (no pain)--INSANE.

I work on releasing tired, over stressed, constantly tight muscles that can pull bones out of alignment and bring them back to a healthier place/state.

I look forward to helping you too !


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Stress Waived Massage-Pain Reducing
Next available opening
Thu, May 2nd 1:15PM


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