by Dmytro on Jan 2019
Service Received: Kinesio Taping with Ben S.
We made an appointment to tape my wife lower feet due to anckle pain (old trauma). It not a first time we use taping to help her and she always felt result immediately. But not this time, we spend long time explaining what problem is, when waiting while tape was cut into many smaller pieces. After procedure my wife clearly stated it didn't help. Ben said he had other plan how to tape but it appeared he don't even have more tape to give it a try. Now we understand he have no idea how anckle supposed to be taped... Such a waste of time and money. Oh and btw, he directed us to go up by stairs knowing my wife knee is in pain, what was a surprise he showed us an elevator right after we managed to walk up!

Business response:

Let me begin by saying that I am sorry that you were not satisfied with your session. My goal is to provide 100% satisfaction for all my clients, I strive to make sure every client leaves my office in better health than when they came in. I always try to encourage feedback during or after the session since my client’s health and happiness is my top priority.