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Oct 2021
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This was my first appointment with Jordan. I was nearly an hour late, which is really not how I normally show up for appointments, at all. I was deeply embarrassed and apologetic, Jordan calmly accepted my apologies, and put me at ease. Because he had another client due to show up immediately after me, he went to work on my back ASAP, and did as much as time would allow. He gave me lots of information in that short time, and the actual work he did was top notch! I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who is hurting. Jordan has a vast amount of knowledge, and shares it gently, and kindly without judgment or blame. He seemed to know more about my habits regarding posture, sleeping and body mechanics than I could convey to him in two hours of explaining, just by intuition and experience. I'm definitely going back as soon as his schedule allows, and I'll never be late again! I want to get as much help and knowledge to heal myself as I can.