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Mary Ann K.
Aug 2018
Service Received
Craniosacral Therapy
Overall Experience
Unfortunately I have had some very high skilled therapists work on me. Therefore my expectations were very high. I don’t believe that GiZella really had the skills or personality for this line of work. I could not believe she said that my session was over and she hardly did anything. She spent most of the time working on my feet and toes when on the questionnaire I specially stated I had TMJ and headaches. I was a waste of $90!!!!

Business response:

In this session, It looks as though there was a communication break down. Whatever the circumstance, it’s the therapist's responsibility to ask pertinent questions to understand a clients needs and than proceed accordingly. I missed the opportunity of asking enough "pertinent questions" in order to better serve this clients needs. It was a mistake I won’t ever make again. The full $90 has been refunded.