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How to use the Massage Therapist Income Calculator

Income calculations for the single massage therapist practice

If you have your own solo massage practice, you only have a few things you can change to increase your income:

  • The number of hours you work

  • How much you charge

  • How many Gift Certificates you sell

Use the massage therapist income calculator to see how changing these two variables affects how much you make annually as a massage therapist.

Eventually, you won’t be able to, (or want to) do any more massage in a given day. Bodywork can be hard on the practitioner, and you need to make sure the effort is sustainable.

Likewise, if you keep increasing your prices, you’ll reach a point where raising them any more will result in fewer customers than you like.

Gift Certificates are a special sort of magic whose power I feel is not fully recognized by many. I included a line item in the income calculator specifically to capture some of the effect of Gift Certificate sales. In brief, two great things happen when you sell a gift certificate:

  • First, you collect the money up front. Typically a surprising amount of those Gift Certificates will never be redeemed. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just the way it is. You get to keep that money.

  • Second, many of the gift certificates you sold will be given to people who would not have come to you otherwise. If I told you I was going to pay you, in advance, full price to send you referrals, how would you react? That’s exactly what’s happening when you sell a gift certificate, yet so few massage practice owners have effective gift card programs in place. That’s why we put such an emphasis on creating a really simple yet powerful Gift Certificate selling system in MassageBook.

There’s a sweet spot out there for you to discover where the price you charge and the hours you work result in optimal happiness, health, and income. I hope the income calculator helps you find it.

Income calculations for the multiple massage therapist business

For those of you who are more ambitious and want to increase your income beyond the limits of your solo practice, you’ll need to have others work with you to realize those goals.

Use the massage therapist income calculator to see what the impact of adding additional staff at different rates of pay would have on your overall income.

While it may be exciting to see what happens when you start adding additional staff to your massage business, do keep in mind the hard and soft costs associated with operating a multi-therapist practice.

The hard costs of a multi massage therapist practice

  • You’ll need additional treatment rooms, which means a larger, more expensive space that will cost more to rent each month.

  • That larger office will need to decorated and furnished.

  • Will you need to staff the front desk or have a receptionist?

  • Marketing - If your arrangement involves you providing the clients, you’ll probably need to do some more aggressive marketing to draw them in.

  • More of your own time will be required to manage the business and staff

The soft costs of a multi massage therapist practice

Having been through the process of going from a one man massage shop to a multi-therapist business, I can tell you that the extra income comes at a price. In addition to the time and money it takes to build the foundation of your business, especially in the early stages, it can affect other things too.

There will be more stress associated with having more, well, everything.

More staff, more space, more clients, more moving parts, more pressure to get clients in the door. If you’re not ready for the challenge, it can be emotionally difficult and can take some of the pleasure working as a massage therapist out of you.

On the flipside, meeting the challenge of growing your own business to higher and higher levels can be extremely rewarding and satisfying as well.

Just be slightly aware of the challenges that may lie ahead. The Massage therapist income calculator is designed to help you understand and be prepared for the costs that may be associated with adding staff and realizing your ambitions.