“What one thing can I do that will have a positive effect across a number of problems?”

The answer to this simple question will set you free.

It’s been my experience that the problems I encounter in business and in my personal life are often connected.

Let’s say, for example, that my wife likes to go to bed late.

And I stay up with her because I like to have a little “we” time at the end of the day.

I wake up tired, my mood is less than sun-shiny, and my creative juices just don’t flow easily.

And the quality of my work suffers, which negatively impacts the growth of my business, which stresses me more.

And the relationships I have at work and at home suffer from my irritability. Which stresses me more.

Now I’m a hot mess.

Tired, anxious, unproductive and stressed.

What’s the single thing I can do that will have a “multiplier” effect across all the other issues I’m encountering?

Yep. Just going to bed early and getting the sleep I need to be a ray of creative and fun-loving sunshine solves the whole stack of other problems.

Balance restored.

From just one simple change.

As your practice grows and matures, I believe it’s critical to keep asking the “What single thing?” question.

If your massage or bodywork practice is like most, then I’m probably not too far off target when I say that a lot of stress, wasted time and energy are encountered around:

  • Constantly having to communicate with clients about appointment bookings and changes

  • Keeping perfect records for every client (SOAP notes, intake forms, visit details, financial transactions)

  • Keeping your schedule full (Promoting and marketing your massage or bodywork practice)

What single thing can you do that will help with all three of these time consuming, stress-increasing things?

Implement a practice management software solution. (Preferably one that’s focused on the specific needs of massage therapists and bodyworkers, like MassageBook, for example. :-)

At MassageBook, we focus on helping simplify the lives of massage and bodywork professionals and increasing their income so that they can, in turn, focus on delighting their customers.