New improvements to online booking prepayments in the latest release of MassageBook’s practice management software for massage and bodywork professionals

Hello again, fellow bodyworkers,

Great news to share this month:

You can now collect deposits from clients booking online!

We just added the ability for you to take partial prepayments so that your cancellation fees are covered in the event of a no-show. There’s no question that it’s a severe pain point and costs you a lot of money when you get ghosted by a client.

We hope you enjoy the relief and peace of mind this new feature provides. It’s available in your account and ready for you to set up now. You’ll find details on how to get started below, plus a preview of how things will look for you and your clients.

Hey Mark, what else are you guys cooking up for me over there?

So glad you asked :-)

We’re making noteworthy progress on our new customizable drag and drop intake form builder. Rest assured, there’s more to it than that, but having this vastly improved feature in place will open the door for exciting future development we’ve been itching to get done for a very long time. Initial testing will start in August, giving us a better sense of what’s left to do before we release it.

What about the new mobile app?

Yep, yep—we’re pushing hard on that front as well. The new mobile app has been in the hands of some very helpful (and much appreciated) beta testers for the better part of a month. Although the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, it has highlighted a few rough areas we’re smoothing out to make the experience as efficient and intuitive as possible. No precise date yet, but it shouldn’t be long before we launch version 1.0 in the App Store and Google Play. Just to set expectations, the first release will not include all planned improvements. More core functionality will be tested and rolled out quickly in later stages.

Lastly, we’re tracking well on work that will let you invoice clients before or after appointments. Adding this ability will allow us to build several other desirable features on top of it. Stay tuned for more details.

That’s it for this month’s update…

Now keep on scrolling to get the scoop on how partial prepayments work!

Be well, be happy and spread it generously with a smile,

Mark and your team at MassageBook

Collect Deposits From Clients Booking Online

BEST.NEWS.EVER! You can now require clients booking online to prepay a partial amount of their service. This new functionality ensures you already have enough money in hand to enforce your cancellation policy if a client no-shows or cancels late. No more just all or nothing upfront. Instead, you can easily set a minimum amount due for new and existing clients to reserve an appointment.

Partial Prepayment Rules.gif

Moving forward, clients booking online will have the option to pay a deposit or in full. (If you allow clients to tip online, they can only add one if they prepay the total.)

Deposit New.gif

Deposit Existing.gif

You’ll see an alert on the client’s appointment, and the remaining balance due, plus the option to add a tip, will show at checkout.

Partial Payment Checkout.gif

A few essential details you need to know:

  • To collect the remaining balance due at checkout, you must charge the client’s card again like normal or record a different payment method. The option to remember a card for faster checkouts on the client-facing side of MassageBook is for online payments only.

  • Partial prepayments simplify your day and help maintain your income. Your business must be on the Amplify Plan to access and use this new feature. Go to Plans & Billing in your MassageBook account to upgrade your plan. If you aren’t on the Amplify Plan, you can still require full prepayment from clients booking online.

To activate partial prepayments and set your minimum amounts, go to Settings > Online Booking Rules > Prepayment Rules.

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