So is there a better spice than cinnamon? It’s the “tough love” of the spice cabinet. It is spicy but when added to a little sweetness, it packs a punch that makes your taste buds go crazy.

And as luck would have it, it also has some fantastic health benefits too!

Here are 5:


Cinnamon increases blood circulation, which generally boosts metabolism and therefore could be helpful in weight loss. Its blood-thinning property also helps cinnamon act as an anti-clotting agent, especially for those suffering from heart disease.


Several studies have found cinnamon may help people with insulin resistance, so many Type 2 diabetics take it to control their blood sugar variations.

COLD AND COUGHS Within minutes of your first round of sniffles or an itch in your throat, Cinnamon Tea is said to put an immediate halt to any impending illness.


Cinnamon contains compounds called catechins, which help relieve nausea. The volatile oil in cinnamon bark may also help the body to process food by breaking down fats during digestion.

MASSAGE THERAPY Cinnamon is a well-known warming agent and when added to an oil, it can relieve muscle pain and aid in relaxation. Cinnamon is considered a pain-killer due to its prostaglandin-inhibiting action.You can even put a few drops in a warm bath to soothe tired muscles.


– by Laurie Volkmann