Massage therapy is all about relaxation, comfort, and healing. Attracting clients and marketing your business should be as stress-free as the services you provide.

That’s why choosing the right massage software for marketing is so important. With the right tools in place, you can focus your time and energy on more important things – like customer satisfaction.

Here we’ll cover some of the top must-have massage software features you need to make marketing your business a breeze.

Leave your stress and worries at the door and let’s get started.

Massage Software Can Help You Attract and Retain Clients

Choosing the right massage software is about more than just scheduling and booking appointments. Some of the best software actually helps you create a website and gain exposure online and through social media.

These are especially beneficial features for start-ups or those looking to expand their reach and visibility.

Gain Exposure

First things first. You need to attract massage clients, and the software you use needs to help get new and existing clients in your door and on your table.

Some massage software offers free business directory listings and even a website creator. Free business listings and a great looking website are crucial for getting your massage business in front of locals searching for your specific services.

A well-built website that highlights key features including staff bios, business hours, reviews, and services helps tell visitors what you’re about. It also helps them find you first, not your competitors.

Massage software can not only help build your website but also optimize it for SEO, improving your rankings.

Increase your visibility where people are looking - by appearing in popular search sites and on directory websites. Here, clients can search for providers near them and filter results by massage technique, availability and location.

Promote Yourself and Offer Deals

Quality massage software does more than just organize schedules and files and help with booking clients. It helps businesses gain traction by providing solutions to effectively market and promote themselves. This helps to not only attract new clients but also encourages current ones to return more frequently.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Using promotional software, your massage business can offer discounts and offers on a combination of services, slow time slots, and even for specific staff that are looking to fill their schedules.

Once you’ve selected a promotional angle, the right software allows you to advertise it across social media platforms, email, and other websites.

And don’t forget about selling gift certificates for holidays and special occasions!

Email Marketing

For those who think email marketing is dead, think again. In fact, your massage business stands to make a 4,400% return on investment through a well-planned email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is crucial for attracting and retaining clients. The old saying, “out of sight, out of mind”, speaks volumes about whether or not customers remember your company and return.

The trick to an effective email marketing campaign is to avoid pestering or bombarding clients with your emails. Instead, you need to provide them with useful information on a periodic basis. The right massage software can help with this.

Not only can you create beautiful, targeted emails but you can automate them as well. This way, you won’t forget to reach out or miss an opportunity for a sale. You can even target specific customers with certain emails and omit others, creating a personal and individualized experience.

Sending the right message to the right person at the right time is a proven way to increase sales. The most effective massage software solutions include marketing tools which let you do this effortlessly.

Daily Operations

Attracting new clients and increasing the visibility of your business online are just a piece of the marketing puzzle. Massage software also offers countless tools for maintaining an organized, streamlined booking and scheduling process.

The appointment process should be quick and easy for both you and your clients who choose to book online.

Ease of Scheduling

Now that you understand how massage software can help attract and retain clients, let’s discuss how the right software helps you stay organized.

Scheduling tools are some of the most popular and sought after features of any massage software. Booking clients and staff and managing an ever changing schedule can get tricky. The last thing you want is an error or double bookings that leave clients upset.

Many massage therapists are independent contractors who work for a practice. If you allow your therapists to book and schedule their own appointments, you need a software program that multiple employees can access at once. You should also consider controls and limitations on what changes an employee can make.

The same goes for independent massage therapists that create their own schedule. Using software reduces your risk of constant schedule stress, overbooking and burning out. It puts you in control of your availability and your income.

Scheduling software also allows you to create recurring appointments for regular clients. If a client purchases a package deal, the software you choose will help keep track of how many services they’ve used and how many they have left.

SOAP Notes

SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan and is a universally accepted way to record information when seeing a “patient”.

Often times, SOAP notes are attributed to the medical field. Because massage therapy is an alternative form of care, their use is extremely useful to therapists as well.

SOAP notes not only allow you to keep track of your client’s physical well being, but they’re required if you perform insurance billing.

A client’s SOAP notes allow you to track their progress and add notes or other important information directly to their file. Massage software enables you to connect this information with the patient’s appointment history for a comprehensive view.

SOAP notes are also HIPPA compliant, eliminating any security risks.

Your massage software will alert you to any recent appointments or services you performed without updating the client’s SOAP notes. This prevents you from forgetting to document any vital information pertaining to a client’s treatment plan. The right software will even keep track of medications the client is taking and any contraindications and remind the therapist before the appointment begins.

For new therapists who need a little help remembering the muscles of the anatomy, SOAP notes can provide a useful reference as well as providing an easy, visual way to record symptoms. This includes the names of specific body parts, bones, and muscles, as well as information on how they’re related. Now you can provide clients with the most up-to-date medical knowledge available.

Client Intake Forms

The dreaded forms that every client has to fill out the first time they visit your establishment. While they’re a tedious part of the process, they’re important. Digital intake forms can help simplify things for both you and your clients.

A complete background and history from your clients helps you provide them with the best and safest care possible. Digital intake forms allow clients to conveniently fill out all necessary paperwork ahead of time online. Now you have less paperwork to file and can easily access their information through the clients record in the massage software .

The right massage software will even alert you of any contraindications or conditions before you begin your session.

Client intake forms mean less time sitting in the waiting room getting a hand cramp and more valuable time getting the treatment they need. Using this simple and convenient way to complete paperwork ahead of time adds to the client’s stress-free experience and helps make their first experience a positive one.

Turning New Clients Into Returning Customers

Once you’ve built a base of clients, the work doesn’t end. You need to retain those customers by providing impeccable service.

Here are a few massage software features that help create an enjoyable and memorable experience for your clients.

Online Scheduling

In addition to allowing patients to fill out the necessary paperwork in advance, online scheduling software puts even more control into their hands.

The days of calling service providers like massage therapists to book appointments are largely gone. Scheduling apps have transformed the way most independent contractors schedule and manage bookings now.

Clients like the convenience of going online and choosing from available appointment times. Choose massage software that gives customers the ability to check real-time availability and book quickly and easily from their phone or computer.

Alerts can be sent via email or text when an appointment is made, allowing you to stay on top of changes to your schedule, availability, and number of bookings.

With an online scheduling tool, you’ll never miss another appointment due to an unanswered phone call.

Appointment Reminders

There’s no denying that you’re a busy massage therapist trying to run a successful business. But your clients are just as busy, which is why appointment reminders are imperative for keeping your schedule organized.

Massage software allows you to send emails to confirm appointments as well as reminders for upcoming services. Clients can also choose to receive text message alerts for both confirmations and reminders.

It’s far too easy for customers to forget an appointment booked in advance or even recurring appointments. Reminders are a great way to reduce no shows, which results in lost time and money for you and your therapists.

Don’t worry about being rude, either. A quality massage software program guarantees all reminders and alerts are polite, friendly, and effective!

You can even choose a feature that alerts you when changes are made to one or more of your appointments. This includes cancelations, time change, or appointments that are rescheduled.

Client Database

Over the years, quality massage therapists build a large clientele. And while this is great for business, it can be overwhelming to keep track of. Massage software that keeps all your individual client information organized and in one place makes managing your clients simple.

After the initial visit, it’s your job to keep in touch and ensure they return time and again. Client database technology allows you to monitor which clients return and which don’t. Then, you can research where you went wrong and what changes you can make to your marketing approach.

Use this information to help grow the number of regular and returning clients you have. A client database tracks appointment history, personal and contact information, intake forms, accounting records, and SOAP notes.

Here, you can import and export clients, including their photos and all other vital information.

Memberships and Auto Pay

Once you’ve secured a base of return customers, you can start offering membership deals and automatic payment options. And massage membership software can help you put these into practice.

Memberships, or subscriptions, automatically bill your clients on a monthly basis for their preferred services. You can easily create custom monthly membership plans using the membership feature of the software.

Memberships can be purchased on your website or directly from you in your office. Have fun with creating custom membership plans that fit your client’s specific needs. Automated billing is easy, convenient, and makes managing your clients so much easier.

Memberships can also double as loyalty programs. Membership fees often incorporate a discount in pricing for clients who book regularly. This encourages more clients to join the membership, boosting sales and securing reliable monthly income.

Useful Tools for Therapists

Massage software offers many features to simplify and optimize marketing efforts for both independent contractors and salons.

Individual Directory

Gain more exposure and more clients by showing off your practice in a directory that highlights your skills. Here you’ll create an individualized profile that showcases your unique talents and working history.

Include your photo, experience, and customer reviews. Some software will take things one step further and help collect reviews for you!

This collection of positive reviews helps you boost business, attract more clients, and create a positive image in your local community.

Support and Information

Massage therapy and business are two vast subjects that take years of experience to master. Chances are, you’ll continue to learn about both of the best business practices and further refine your skills as a massage therapist throughout your career.

Did you know that some massage software actually connects professionals so they can swap advice and resources? This is a unique way to leverage new opportunities and network with like-minded individuals.

Get inspired and inspire others using the community feature of certain massage software programs.

Use Massage Software to Increase Your Potential for Success

Whether you’re a massage therapist just starting out or an entrepreneur growing your business, massage software offers numerous tools and resources to help you succeed.

From scheduling tools to a client database and professional communities, you’ll find everything you need all in one place with MassageBook massage software.

Learn more about us here and check out our package and pricing options to put the power to your success back in your hands!