I just fielded a question today from someone who’s considering starting their own mobile massage practice. It was a good question, and as I was answering it, it occurred to me that it’s probably something a lot of you are asking yourselves.

Is it a good idea to start an outcall practice today?

Having built a thriving outcall practice of my own in Atlanta in the past, I’m very familiar with the appeal of mobile massage. If you’re considering getting your own mobile practice going, your list of “Pro’s” probably looks something like this:

  • No office expenses

  • Flexible schedule

  • Higher per massage income

All very true.

Now let’s take a look at some additional mobile massage truths that may not be quite as obvious…

Nah. Actually what I need to do first is to applaud your desire to do something on your own. There’s tremendous power and energy that comes from people who have the courage and passion to begin new adventures in their lives and pursue their dreams. (I’m a big believer that doing things – and failing to meet the intended outcome is still way better than not doing them at all.)

But that enthusiasm should also be tempered a little by reality. (but not too much!)

Ok – so let’s get on with the sobering parts of what you should know about the business of mobile massage

First – Nothing worth doing well is ever easy. It’s a universal truth – and getting a new outcall practice off the ground is no exception. If you think it’s going to be a walk in the park and that you’ll be making a healthy, steady income in a month or so, you’ll be flat out wrong. Be ready to dedicate yourself to making your startup go for a good long while.

Second – Outcall massage by individuals is in highest demand outside of work hours. Your days could be really, really slow if all you’re doing is mobile massage. Is a massage or two a day enough for you get by on early on?  Are you ok with losing your evenings?

Third – Early on, you’re going to need to spend the majority of your time creating relationships with folks who can refer clients to your young business. (Think hotel concierge, wait staff near airports or hotels, personal trainers, coaches, athletic program directors, yoga studio owners, etc.) If you cringe at the thought of introducing yourself to strangers, you’re going to have a tough time marketing yourself.

While the above may be a bit sobering, let me offer a few thoughts that may help get your mobile massage practice growing a little faster:

Thought #1 – An office practice can work really well in conjunction with an outcall practice. One acts as a lead generator for the other. Early on, the trick is simply working on as many people as possible and impressing them with your skills. They’ll spread the word and refer new folks to both your in office and outcall services.

Thought #2 – Get a massage chair and find opportunities to work with corporate employers looking to provide their staff with a meaningful perk. (Inside info: Approach software development companies first – they’ll be very receptive) Doing corporate chair massage has two great benefits: It can fill up your schedule (which may be a little too empty during peak business hours), and it also acts as a great lead generator to get folks to book a table massage with you.

Thought #3 – Let the MassageBook directory help you. In addition to supporting outcall massage practices from an automated online scheduling standpoint, the directory can help send you new clients looking for an outcall massage near you. (Pro tip: Directory profiles with professional photos, well-written text, positive reviews and online booking enabled get over 10 times more new client business from the MassageBook directory than those that don’t.)

Lastly, think outside the “usual” mobile massage applications. How and where to gain new clients is a puzzle that has a lot more answers than most realize. In Atlanta, for example, I found that the convention center was a goldmine of both corporate clients who would use me to attract folks to their display booths.  Conventions and trade shows were also a never-ending source of tired folks who spent all day on their feet and would literally stop me as I tried to leave at the end of the day, begging for a massage at their hotel.

There are a lot more opportunities out there than you think – go find one!

Should you start a mobile practice?

You need to make that decision, but we’ll be right here to support you and cheer you on if you do!

In shared success,

Mark CEO, MassageBook

P.S. – Outcall Settings in MassageBook allow you to restrict the area and places you’re willing to go and ensure that you don’t end up with conflicting appointment times.


Find out more about MassageBook’s Call-out feature here. Have a great day!