Two weeks. More valuable improvements released. It’s become a habit.

I’ve been reading some books on human behavior lately. It’s undeniable that we humans are creatures of habit.

We have our morning routines, our evening routines, our work routines, our play routines. Even interpersonal routines.

In addition to getting me thinking about how much of my day I’m getting through using primarily my subconscious (a bit scary), it also started me thinking about how powerful it is to be able to create habits that lead to positive outcomes in our business, individual and social lives.

Think about it.

You can create any habit you choose. Eventually what you must do with great effort and intention becomes second nature.  Those habits lead to consequences. Those consequences can be profoundly positive, or negative.

For the month of October, I’ve decided to make meditation a habit. I want to be more present, aware, and in control of my mind and thoughts again. 30 days straight. Absolutely achievable.

I challenge you to make a new habit (or replace an existing one) as well.  If you need some external accountability to help you commit, send me an email and let me know what your new habit is going to be. I’ll hold you to it!

If you’re searching for ideas on habits to start that can have a positive impact, consider these suggestions:

  • Each day, look at your schedule from 4 weeks ago. Follow up individually with any clients you haven’t seen since then to see how they’re doing. If that’s too daunting, just start with one client.
  • Commit to adding one article or item of client interest to your facebook page or website each day.
  • Send one “helpful information only” email to your clients each week
  • Take a 1 minute mini-meditation break before starting each session to breathe deeply and center yourself.

While you’re working on creating some new positive habits, we’ll continue to stay in our habitual groove of delivering new and improved goodies for you every two weeks!

Just do it.Repeatedly.


What’s new:

  • Mobile and small device friendly navigation for main app
  • Clients able to book series appointments online themselves
  • Mobile App – Android native app launched
  • Mobile card reader available in iKnead store
  • Apple native app update


MassageBook Mobile app image

New mobile friendly navigation for desktop application

Sometimes you just don’t have your laptop, desktop or a full-sized tablet around…

Used to be, navigating around the main MassageBook application on a phone or small device was a pain in the backside.

Thankfully, we’ve upgraded the navigation to be mobile friendly now!

Check it out the next time you need to log into the main application with your phone – it’s a huge improvement.

Clients able to book series appointments online themselves

Another highly requested (and rightfully so), improvement allows your clients to be able to purchase and book all appointments in a series online. ( Series are not to be confused with packages: A Series is a quantity of the SAME service pre-purchased, often for a discount)

Be sure to let your clients know that they won’t need to trouble you with bookings any more!

They simply need to log into (or create) their personal MassageBook accountusing the same email address that you have in your client list for them.

Once logged in to their MassageBook account, clients will see a pre-paid area (as shown above) that lists any available series credits and will automatically track usage and the number of available services remaining.

Your clients are going to love it!

MassageBook mobile app in Android store

MassageBook Android mobile app released in Google Play Store

The Android native app is officially available to everyone now!

Head on over to the Google Play Store and install the app today.

You’ll also be happy to know that a new (and beautiful) design update is already well underway that will not only look lovely, but also allows us to begin adding more functionality and features to the mobile app moving forward.

And all you Apple folks? Hang on just a few weeks longer and you’ll see the MassageBook app in the Apple store too!

MassageBook Mobile Credit Card Reader

Bluetooth Card Reader for Mobile App Released

The MassageBook native mobile app was designed to increase your tip income by making it convenient and easy for clients to add tips to their total when signing for card purchases.

The new MassageBook bluetooth card reader connects wirelessly with your phone or tablet and provides you and your clients with a seamless checkout experience.

Here’s what the signature page looks like upon checkout

MassageBook Tip acceptance page

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