There’s nothing quite like having a full day of clients, feeling so accomplished and not having to sit down to do hours of paperwork.

By the way, if you’re not sure what feeling to which we’re referring, it’s time you checked out MassageBook’s digital SOAP Notes.

However, if you’re currently riding the free Basic SOAP Notes wave and are anxious about dipping your toes into the Premium pond, allow us to explain the benefits:

Stay on Top of Critical Details with Customizable Intake Forms

Save time by allowing clients to complete a customizable intake form online before their appointment. Nothing kills the zen vibe faster than a stack of papers on a clipboard. Find out the most pertinent information before they arrive so you can prepare for the session ahead of time and allow the client to relax as soon as he or she walks in the door.


Draw Your Own Detailed Visual Notes

You’re familiar with our anatomy chart. It’s got layers to show you practically everything in the muscular system and serves as the perfect refresher when prepping for a client’s appointment. However, with Premium SOAP notes, you can draw directly on the chart to make it easy to see and remember a patient’s condition during their next visit. A variety of tools and colors are available to create the perfect visual note each time.


Let Your SOAP Notes Write Themselves

Writing a Subjective or Objective note is as simple as clicking on a part of the anatomy chart and selecting choices from a short form. The answers are then formatted into a sentence, and an orange marker is added to the chart to indicate where the note applies. This saves you time and makes sure that your SOAP notes stay organized and easy to read. If you share your records with healthcare partners or file insurance claims, they will make your record keeping a snap. Remember something about the session later? You can modify your notes at any time.


Just like with the Basic version, Premium SOAP Notes are HIPAA compliant and keep sensitive data secure. They cannot be lost, corrupted or destroyed.

Ready to experience how Premium SOAP Notes can make you more efficient?

Simply sign up for the Simplify or Amplify Plan under Plans and Billing in the Business Settings section of your MassageBook Professional Account to unlock Premium SOAP Notes.

Everything that you’ve created with the Basic version will stay put, and your additional functionalities will automatically appear!

Not quite ready to join MassageBook? With our free massage therapy SOAP note form, you can still experience the benefits of digital SOAP notes today.