Mmmm.. we love the smell of success in the morning, afternoon and evening. That’s how it feels when you’ve got MassageBook automating your referral business growth. If you’re still just manually asking for referrals, we’ve got one question for you:


For every happy client you have, you could be getting 2 or 3 more without doing a thing. Here’s how to use MassageBook features to do it—ranked from quickest to more time-consuming:

Quickest: Enable the Encourage Referrals Autopilot.

It will automatically send a client an email nine days after their appointment, encouraging them to share your MassageBook Business Website on their social channels. To be clear, this isn’t asking for a review, simply to share your site as a kind of endorsement or recommendation.

Quick: Add a Promotion to the Referral Thank You AutoPilot

This option allows you to create a promotion for those who send referrals. Example: Refer a friend to save 15% off your next massage service! This is just one step to creating a loyalty program, which can reward your clients who send referrals.

Medium: Create a Promotion for Social Media Recommendations & Shares

Social media is a great way to stay top-of-mind and the #1 place people seek recommendations. Since search engines like Google index Facebook highly, Facebook recommendations become hugely important. Tell your clients that they’ll receive a review request after their appointment and encourage them to share it. They’ll automatically be given the option to share on Facebook and Twitter after they complete a MassageBook review.

Then you can offer a discount for people who review you on social, write a recommendation on your Facebook page, or share your posts. To make it simple, you can tag those people into a group and then you can create a targeted promotion email campaign just for them!

Need help creating amazing subject lines? We’ve got some tips on that, too.

Notice that we didn’t classify anything as “difficult”? That’s because, with MassageBook, we believe that our tools focus on the most important thing: your time and expertise. Don’t spend all day on your marketing efforts; enact some features that will rev up that referral machine and get back to making happy, healthy clients!