Want repeat clients? Keep them engaged and interested in your company and services. Even if you’re 100% confident that your exceptional massages will keep them coming back, seal the deal by keeping them educated on the value of massage therapy and aware of current promotions.

Here are a few tips to creating a newsletter your clients will look forward to reading.

Write to inform and entice your clients!

The goal is to ensure your customers enjoy reading your newsletter. It’s important to keep the tone light and conversational. Focus on positive information such as company promotions or educational content. Newsletters should include engaging content that will remind your client of the quality services that you provide.

Keep in mind, most people receive a ridiculous amount of emails on a daily basis. Try to make sure that your e-newsletter provides your clients with something worth reading. You could explain how a particular modality can provide relief for common health problems. Or maybe you can feature a client’s success story showcasing the healing effects of massage therapy. Be sure to include a catchy “call to action” in order to motivate them. Some examples could be, “Share this With a Friend”, or “Schedule before the end of the month and receive $5 off your next therapy session!”

Short and sweet is the key!

The key to a successful newsletter is to keep it simple. You don’t want to bore your audience with lengthy or drawn out content. Not many people have the time to read on and on when it comes to a newsletter. Most will be reading during the day, perhaps while at work or on a quick break from their daily activities.

Whatever their day entails, not many can contribute extra time to reading a wordy newsletter. Keep it short and concise. Make use of bite-sized articles with eye catching headlines. If you feel like you need to use up some space, but your content seems complete – add images to help fill the space.

Stay consistent!

From the basic design and layout of your content, it’s important to stay consistent. People like dependability when it comes to reading their favorite bulletins. Constantly changing the design, color scheme, or article layout can become overwhelming for your readers to keep up with. A clean, organized and consistent newsletter format is appealing and engaging to readers.

Newsletter frequency is also important. Whether you decide to send out one newsletter a month, or one every other week, pick a schedule and stick with it. If you continue to provide engaging and interesting content with consistent release times, your readers will start to look forward to your newsletters.

You have the newsletter, now how can you get readers?

Even though getting readers may seem like a daunting task, don’t get discouraged! It can actually be quite simple. Ask for their email address in your client paperwork. Another great way to build your list is to add a newsletter sign-up form on your website.

Email newsletters can be a cost-effective and personal approach for staying in touch and keeping clients engaged in between therapy sessions. Remember, send valuable content in a great layout, and keep a consistent frequency.